What's that sound?

Is the sounding I sometimes hear in a sentence a way to emphasise the word? It’s kind of like someone clearing out their throat and seems harsh in relation to the sounding of the rest of the sentence.
What’s wrong with secretary Kim? Ep 5 around 9:13 (I think 먼세계)
Memorist Ep1 14:09 (쫙쫙)
3 other shows but I can’t relocate the examples.

Maybe something like stretching out a word in English “Yuk! You’ve given me waaaay too much greens, I’m not eating this!” or “You’re sooooo dead!”.
As a non Korean speaker it’s quite noticeable casually listening to dialogue in the background when reading the subtitles, when out pops this contrasting sound amongst the ‘bounciness’ of the dialogue. (is that even a way to describe a language! :laughing:)

Yes, it’s used to emphasize words. The person she talks about in What’s wrong with secretary Kim doesn’t just live in a ‘far away world’, but in a ‘very faaaar away world’ :laughing:


Thank you for the clarification.
I’ve only just started on the Memorist so only gave an example from ep1 but now around ep7 there were a whole cluster of where these emphasis of words (probably a kur sounding word?) occurs and I am able to understand that the speaker is stressing a particular word or meaning in their dialogue.
But it still bugged me a lot why my ears would prick up, like pet’s ears hearing a noise outside, every time this sounding occurred.
Then it hit me. Elderly Chinese men (and just as many women!) have a very nasty habit of spiting in public, the act of which is preceded with the exact same hoicking sound before the lobbing of the content of the back of their throat (I really should dial back the description)
A sound of which upon hearing could only mean one thing. I, being a responsible younger citizen would turn towards the origin of that sound, locate the unhygienic individual and throw as much disapproving daggers as I can fire at them without contravening the respect your elders rule. A reaction now ingrained into me like Pavlov’s dog.
A very unfortunate coincidence of sound across two cultures indeed.:slightly_frowning_face: