What's the best Thriller/Suspense/Mystery Drama?

I’ve watched LAST, and I :heart: it! Can anyone suggest other Thriller/Suspense/Mystery drama? Thanks!

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I remember you…is simply the perfect drama with perfect acting, writing and directing, a little creepy though


Have you watched ‘3 Days’ ? and also ‘2 Weeks’? These are both good.

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I would recommend some of my favorite dramas :smiley: I really like this genre.
Vampire Prosecutor 1+2, Bad Guys, God’s Quiz 1-4, Missing Noir M, God’s Gift 14 day’s, White Christmas
The already mentioned I remember you is also good.
If it doesn’t have to be a drama, Confession of Murder is a really good thriller movie.

Hands down, for me, it would have to be, “The Master’s Sun.” :scream:


Master’s Sun is one of my favorites. Three Days was one of my first action/mystery dramas. Well made. I am watching Love Me If You Dare which is a Chinese Drama-excellent but a little graphic concerning the murder scenes. The good acting and script out ways the dark side of it.

Airing now I would say ‘The Village’ it is keeping the suspense going with many twists. One of those dramas that almost everyone in it is the potential killer. It’s well directed too. I would recommend it. The other greats were ‘Healer’ ‘3 Days’ ‘2 Weeks’

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i will recommend a few because i’m also in love with this genre and i’m always seeking these kinds of dramas: i miss you, i remember you, who are you, spy, the girl who sees smells, healer, city hunter, you’re all surrounded, heartless city.
these dramas have like police and investigation themes related to a mystery, and they’re all well developed.

No one mentioned Korean ‘Liar Game’. It’s also wotrh to watch,

I love Master’s Sun!

Do you guys like ‘LAST’?

I love Master’s Sun too. Now I´m fan of So Ji Sub

Thai Lakorn QiPao! It’s such a suspense drama series! You really dont know who is the killer until the very end.

the girl who sees smells, the absolute BEST

Love me if you dare, has moved to my number 1
2 Weeks
3 Days
The Village, now watching ‘Remember’