What's the difference between those languages?

I’ve been wondering this for a while so I thought let’s just ask because I don’t think I’m the only one :wink:
On Viki you can translate in many different languages but for some languages I wonder how often they are really spoken and used. Now I know some are no languages (lolspeak) but how about these:
Alemannic and German: they both seem German to me. How often is Alemannic used in daily life? Never heard of it before until I noticed it on Viki.

Serbian, Croatian and Serbo-Croatian: I guess this is a mix between 2 languages or? I find this a bit strange, why do you need a mix language?

Are they dialects or languages for regions? Can I compare them as the difference between Dutch and Flemish? Where sometimes other words and such are used? Or more like Dutch and Frisian which are not similar. (I noticed when making this topic that Frisian is listed as WestFrisian here on Viki. I wonder if there are any subbers in that language)

Maybe there are more languages listed like this on Viki which I’m not aware of yet. Feel free to list those with the difference between the two or so that someone else can explain it.


Alemannic is a dialect and sounds very different from standard German, to the point where Germans who don’t know the dialect will have a very hard time to understand it (or even won’t understand it at all). I think it is spoken in the south-west region in Germany, but I’m not sure about that one. The reason why you can’t see a difference between Alemannic and German here on Viki is, that the Alemannic subtitler copies our German subtitles. We’ve noticed that just recently and we’re trying to contact and warn all the German Mods right now and probably report that person to Viki.

Oh and by the way: in the regions that still have their dialects they speak it daily. I noticed that all dialects seem to have a “lighter form”, which means you can still hear it, but you will be able to understand what they are saying.

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As Junique already said mainly they look the same because German Subs get copy pasted by the Alemannic mods and Subbers. Sadly this Problem doesn’t get any response from Viki so we as German Subbers try to help ourselves by warning the Channel Managers. We already reported them @Junique not just me but a few other Persons i know and well. Sadly nothing was done and solved. It’s just shameless to use German Subs we made, especially when they don’t even speak German but have to use google Translations to have a conversation…

In my opinion Alemannic shouldn’t be a language on Viki because I don’t see it as a important dialect. Don’t know anybody who doesn’t understand the normal German subs.


I really hope that our action from today will earn some attention from viki now …

Serbo-Croatian was an artificial mixture between two languages, used from after second World War up until 1990, serving mainly to unite several nations under one union called Yugoslavia. It can be understood well by Serbians, Croatians and Bosnians, while to some lesser extent also by Slovenians and Montenegrins, but it is no longer an official language in any state.

Difference between Croatian and Serbian is similar to the difference between Norwegian and Swedish or Norwegian and Danish. Serbians, however, prefer to use Cyrillic instead of Latin alphabet, which large majority of Croatians and Slovenians simply cannot read.

Hope this helped clarify things.


Thanks for the explanation @bozoli , every once in a while I do get PM’s for that language while I do have a Serbian and a Croatian mod already and I always wondered what the ‘extra’ might be. So it has to do with Yugoslavia. I know that’s not a ‘union’ anymore but some still use that name from time to time.

And about Alemannic, thanks for explaining everyone, hopefully Viki will find a solution about the stealing subs.

Hello all,
I will try to explain about serbo-croatian, everything that @bozoli said plus - Our team/(ppl that like dramas and etc… and we hang out on other int. sites and here for most of the time), for translating, constitutes of people from different Balkan countries, so it was agreement to translate to serbo-croatian which everybody understands,rather than to translate on each language separately. Had we decided each of us to translate into our own language ( serbian, croatian, bosnian etc.) that would mean that there would be less persons per team and it would take us longer to do each episode. This way, by choosing to focus on one language, we are saving the effort and our time…and considering our past this is the simplest way to explain how things are xD… And when we have time or we make it, right after the episode, some of them translate to serbian - cyrillic,or croatian if some ppl ask for it… if that option is not taken already… and if only one person is translating they do it on their language, ofcourse, if they have mod or permission…and one more thing, we do serbo-croatian for onlive dramas, and if an old drama isn’t translated to any other Balkan language… and most important thing is, we never use copy/paste ( well U may say, U can, but still it’s diffrent language) , this is good way to pratice and help our drama land.
Sorry if I made some mistakes while typing, I’m in a hurry :smile: and I hope you will try to understand.