Whats with past contacts?

ok, I have watched some dramas lately and really interesting to watch and somehow the two main characters have contact with each other in their childhood. to me I do really think its interesting, meet someone that I knew when I was 8 or ten. I remember you, is the best, then the oh my holo love, Heckel jeckle & me oh that was a great one! and i am sure there are more. throw a mystery in there and what a story! there’s more but at the moment not going to make a list, sure would love to see more like this! again it’s different!

don’t you just hate power glitches?? just had one, but alls well oh and saw in one of those news things, may bwe a second episode of my holo love, well how come they didn’t do are you human 2? oh well thats ok too.


It’s nauseating already these dramas with fate encounter since they were ‘‘small children’’

they did that with the drama CHOCOLATE and i was beyond myself with the absurdity of it all since both kids lived many miles apart.

The most ridiculous one of all? CRASH LANDING ON YOU! 2 grown adults had met in another country before they meet again but they ABSOLUTELY don’t remember when they saw each other (mind you that there was a third grown person when they met) Ridiculous with no common sense writer.

This Horrid writer DESTROYED the ending episode by adding PURE GARBAGE. I wish I could see this writer in person to tell him or her a thing or two. I swear they ruined what could’ve been the most wonderful ending. I fell asleep through almost the entire episode bc the boredom got to me. I finally struggled to finish the miserable senseless story and the ending if it wasn’t for the beautiful scenery I would have never watched it.

They ruined a perfect story plot but it doesn’t surprise me at all. Asian writers brain work for the first few episodes after that they go to oblivion and GOD knows who finish the story. SO DISAPPOINTED with that ridiculous ending.

[The Holo love] same cr*p. They were ‘‘in love’’ since they were little? The story was already fictional so I didn’t expect anything less but give me a break!


Yup, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is the same, and so many others. It’s become an over-used trope. I guess the writers are trying to invoke ‘fate’? However, just because people liked each other as kids doesn’t mean they will like each other as adults. Where did that thought come from? The writers get lazy when they use ‘childhood lovers’ because they don’t have to explain why the leads like each other, they don’t have to show the process of falling in love, or how the characters need to work through the relationship together to make it work. Nope, everything is decided by fate, and that makes the foundation of the relationship.


Great analyzing. I never saw it that way but you proved your points so well, that I finally understand this ridiculous concept the writers have about ‘‘fate’’ bringing them back together as grown up lovers. I still hate it with a passion, and wished the writers from now on get a mental fog and never, ever, ever, use it on another drama. i swear it gives me high blood pressure and migraine headaches.:rofl:


Thank you :slight_smile:
I got impassioned while I was reading frustratedwriter’s post. Certainly, some shows need this connection (like siblings taken from each other) because the show won’t work without that. I haven’t watched I Remember You, but from what I know, the two male leads are brothers but they don’t recognize each other because years have passed since they were separated.

We had them here in SoCal a few months back because the power companies wanted to prevent more wildfires. Thankfully, my house didn’t experience a blackout, but many other people in the vicinity did. My college even had one (and I got to leave class early :laughing:). But yes, they are quite upsetting if you are working on something important. It’s like having the Internet crash…

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now on 5th episode of my holo love. oh my goodness! well I will keep on I guess

thed one drama I watched , I thought was so good! but the ending was not “my cup of tea” not a good ending to me, but true, I guess the guy had to die. to be sure the writers could have done a better ending,
this one I really hope for a good ending. just when I am all into a drama and then bad endings!
and as for we meeting our childhood friends, hey I am 73 going on 74,

also am far away from the places I grew up and probably some well you know… very unlikely that I would meet anyone of my childhood.

so the imagination of writers, just keep going no matter what people like me say. and also note my name as well.
writers keep up the good work. just thought that needed to be said