What's Wrong with Learn Mode? 🤔

Although I think learn mode is an awesome idea and an awesome feature. lately it’s become out of sync for some reason. the language of choice that we understand is okay and fine and synced very well but the native show’s language is just running around on it’s own.
another thing is that feature where when you click on a word it’s supposed to explain it to you.
well, I haven’t tried this feature for any shows other than korean but as far as I tried, in never gave me a correct translation. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I’m sorry but it’s true.

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You could add it at to this post. Recently after normal episodes being out of sync learn mode is the new problem.

Viki put it on-hold but I guess they are still trying to find the reason and how to fix it. Do let them know where you found the problem.

ha, ha, ha…I can’t figure out if it’s out of sync, since NOTHING comes even remotely close to what the actors are saying. When you have a translation that says “hold the banana” instead of “I saw my friend”…

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