What's your fantasy drama recommendation

Do you have a drama that marked your memory?
I have the first two that I watched, which were:
Eternal Love and Ashes of Love.
The list just keeps growing, of course!
I’m currently watching Immortal Samsara and Love of the Fairy and the Devil, and I’m melting…


I am sorry, I am a bit puzzled reading your headline and your comment … Are you looking for a recommendation, or do you want to give one?

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Me, I want recommendations and I shared what I’ve seen. Thanks for always commenting…

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This one is great!
[Bride of the Water God | Korea | Drama | Watch with English Subtitles & More :heavy_check_mark:

This one has some great cast. The music is also addicting!

This one is an older one but it is very good. They have a part 2 but I did not love it as much as this one.

This one I added to my binge-worthy collection. It took over and I only watched it for days.

Hope these help. You may have already known about them. If you need anymore recommendations let me know! :slight_smile:


Are you looking for historical dramas? Or just any fantasy dramas?
If you’re just looking for historical dramas, feel free to ignore my suggestions. :slight_smile:

Goblin (aka - Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)

Hwayugi (aka - A Korean Odyssey)

Splash Splash Love

While You Were Sleeping

W - Two Worlds

Happiness and Master’s Sun are in the Fantasy section, and I love both of them, but they are also thriller(ish)


I will also recommend

but so many are not on Viki :frowning:


I recommend the Untamed, it is so good ! I am re-watching it even though I finished it less than a week ago. (cdrama) But if you want a drama with more fantasy, I recommend the Tale of the Nine Tails, it is one of my favorites (kdrama)
Link for the Untamed on Viki (free) : https://www.viki.com/tv/36657c-the-untamed
Link for Tale of the Nine Tails (Vikipass standard) : https://www.viki.com/tv/37373c-tale-of-the-nine-tailed


I fall in love with the trails, thanks! <3

@sweetybirdtoo, I’ve watched the Goblin, can’t stop watching until the last episode. I like period dramas, but I love fantasy ones. Thanks for the tips, I’m looking forward to seeing more!
@lunaskz I was curious, even I had already added it to my list of what I want to watch. Now with an indication, I will definitely check it out. Thanks!
@mas4, i have wetv too but the translations are not very good.


If I go by mood, this one was just so light even in its most dramatic moments.
It’s no longer here, but brought so much fun watching

Beautiful, disturbing, and yet I have not seen a drama like this, but hey, maybe because fantasy is not my favorite genre … Hope Viki can secure the 2nd season.

More dark but with a gripping story.

I really liked this one, even though one part of the story didn’t stand too many questions of the viewer and slowed the story down for some episodes … Still, the moments when the soul of the potential father-in-law jumped into the body of this guy who is the opposite of him were worth watching.

Forgot, honorably, mentioned … Some had their trouble with the end, but hey, depends on how far you absorbed the story or not …


You have shared two of my favorites.

I heartily recommend this Chinese historical drama.


Of course I have to make a plug for my current drama that is still on air. Season 2 just started. :grin:

Immortal Samsara

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:star2: These are some of my fantasy list of shows. :star2:

Gu Family Book


I’m getting there, haven’t watched all of them, yet. and somehow I missed another drama of Rain’s! so I got that one on my list, also some aren’t on Viki

OMG! look at the cast! wonder why I never watched it! first episode was awesome!!


Immortal smasara, second season?? oh dear I must catch up!!

loved ghost doctor!


Oh my heart! I’m loving this production, and I’m honored to be part of the Translation team.
Just wonderful <3


Enjoy! It’s fun, and entertaining a right mix of your type of humor too! :smile: It’s also a good rewatch show.

You can say that again! Screenshot_20220827-105010_Gallery


Wow! you really took it seriously! I’ll have to make an effort to watch it. Thanks! I liked a lot of recommendations here!


Oh no! Pick, and choose as you please, it’s worth it going down memory lane for me, and there’s still so much more! :laughing::smile::smile: I’d like to say I’ll stop there, but I’d be lying! Hey! As you’ll notice, others listed the same shows, in a thread like this, it’s bound to happen, so take it in stride. Have fun watching the ones you pick!


Here is one that I stumbled upon and am watching now. I am on episode 3. So far so good.
The title is Love and Redemption. It may only show the link.