What's your Viki story?


I had that period as well where I had like 10+ projects a week and I believe my record is 4 or 5 a day. So I went from one project to the next. And then I sometimes had side projects too. Looking back at it I’m like: “What was I thinking?!”. Having so much projects is not good for you mentally and physically.

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Hehe that was the first Korean drama I watched in 2010 (not with Dutch subtitles though) :smile:


Oh, Personal Taste is the title of a drama! I thought @dudie had decided to sub dramas according to her personal taste! :rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Hahaha yeah it’s the name of the drama. It has a few other names too.


I was watching K-dramas on other sites and decided to follow the “subbed by” trail. I kept going from website to website, till I found one that said “translated by X team on Viki,” so I decided to google it. And I’d finally found the origin of the subtitles :partying_face:.

I had encountered Viki once before, but was under the impression that it wasn’t accesible to viewers outside of the US, so I never joined. This time however, I started to watch Korean dramas on Viki. I usually watch older dramas, but I once watched a more recent one and the people in the comments were asking for subs.

I thought that I would try to become a volunteer to see if I could help (in 2017), despite not knowing Korean and stumbled upon the Ninja Academy for segmenting. So I enrolled and waited, but in the meanwhile I was invited to do Dutch subbing projects. Was so surprised that I could help out in that way. Also had a blast doing the Ninja Academy for segmenting and subbing (Dutch).

Since then I was active as a Dutch subber, moderator and segmenter. After a while I got asked to help out in the NSSA Sandbox. These days I mainly keep to segmenting and doing the NSSA Sandbox.

One of my favorite parts of Viki is this Discussion page. It took me a while to find it, :laughing: but was happy I did.


I do not watch Kdrama with Dutch subs either. I only watched it with Dutch subs when I was editing but other than that no. And I pick my projects according to what I like or think I will like hahaha. Maybe I should rewatch that Kdrama because Lee Min Ho was hilarious in there hahaha


True, I do the same.

Haha I felt like rewatching that series after watching CLOY and realizing it was the same actress. I do remember cringing a lot though :rofl:

Have yet to re-watch it.


I found viki through BTS, lol. I wanted to watch Hwarang, and Viki was a streaming service that I have on Roku. Once I finished Hwarang, I made an account and began watching other kdramas, many of them recommended shows through helpful, friendly users. I fell in love with Viki and the shows they offered and immediately was hooked!


Pass Plus is available in North America. Other parts of the world have Standard as their highest subscription level. When I was little and my parents wanted to immigrate, they applied to Australia, Canada and United States. My mother said the first country that accepts our application is where we are meant to live. Canada accepted us first. :grin:


In South America too, right?

From where? :slight_smile:


I just looked it up. Viki Pass Plus is only available in North, Central, and South America according to a support specialist:


My Viki story started with watching some Jane Austen movies and other British period dramas on Youtube. From Great Britain I switched soon to India and was fascinated by the Bollywood movies. The visual journey brought me to Thailand and I was searching for any Thai lakorn I could find. And I found a lot on the old Viikii. :grinning:
Some time later I watched my first Korean movie Seducing Mr. Right with Daniel Henney and Uhm Jung Hwa and looked out for more Korean stuff, so I started with Playful Kiss. My two daughters got curious, what their mum was watching and started to watch together with me and we started to listen to Korean music, too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In 2011 I registered for Viki, but it took me 4 years to gather my courage and to start subtitling on Viki. My very first dramas were Thai lakorns, my big passion, although those dramas are all deleted right now. And I already had over 25.000 subs before I applied for the QC, because I didn’t know the system on Viki. While it was easy to find teams, I could join as a subber, it was very hard to find the first moderator jobs.

Now I’m an active subtitler, moderator and channel manager on Viki and I love to create coverpages. I watch Thai dramas, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean dramas and love them all. From time to time I still watch some period dramas, if I find something I like (did anyone watch Sanditon?)

On Viki I found some good friends and I love to chat and to be part of the Community here. Viki is a wonderful hobby for me and I enjoy to watch with my 2 daughters Asian dramas, if they find time besides university. The passion for Korea led my eldest daughter to study Korean and Asian Science, she just completed her studies for the masters degree and is writing now her thesis.

Viki ignited and supported my passion for Asian dramas and I can say, it changed my life. :blush: Although I have some very normal hobbies, like reading, sewing, stitching, meeting friends, working in my garden, growing food, and a quite normal life, Viki is something special, a very own world. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is the disappointing truth for the majority who pass through, leave, and comeback, or stay at Viki.


Almost 90% of my language viewers also doesn’t know about subtitling and discussions.


I started watching Kdrama AND listening to 2PM KPOP in 2020! Well, hence my name! July 4th 2020, I started with Crash Landing on You. Then my 2nd drama was Hyde Jekyll Me (which I didn’t like) 3rd DRAMA was GOBLIN and I joined VIKI to watch it first with commercials and HECK NO - I then got a VIKI pass. I started developing FAN COLLECTIONS - Starting 1st with my KISS Collection! My Umbrella Collection was featured on the VIKI Homepage for a while - that was cool… I loved it so much I decided to ask for help on Discussions with my Hottie Posse Thread - I now have 15 Fan Collections and I know WAY too much about S. Korea and my Favorites! Love having made all these friendships with such a diverse group of people who live all over the world.

Totally Addicted and have 20 dramas going right now!!! Cuz I have issues! I’m so glad to know almost 25 Korean words now - love the language - love the people - love the drama


I think the YT channel “Love Withstanding” had the same experience as you did :laughing::joy: I remember her telling the story. She also has a laugh, I love hearing her laughter. Her sense of humor is right up my alley, along with the YT channel " Beleaf In Fatherhood".


I don’t really remember how I found Viki. I suppose, by browsing for dramas after watching them on Netflix first. However, I never bothered much about dramas previously, though I had been interested in East Asia for decades (I watched some Anime in my youth, later on I read a lot instead - and played games). During this time I found out about the whole volunteering matter as well and therefore submitted a post in the contributor thread. Afterwards, 3 people contacted me and kindly offered me projects and invited me into the community.

Then I subbed different dramas for a year before I decided to try out being a moderator, starting with a small film and as a co-moderator. I suppose I like it to be an OL moderator and editor, however, I’m still waiting for my first long drama project to be finished after about 6 months. Six months don’t sound like much, I guess, but I learned a lot about Viki and how everything works. Time and patience are indeed worth a lot here. :thinking:
Eventually I’ll go for Jap - Eng subs once I stopped struggling with this language, but generally speaking I’m happy being an OL moderator. :blush: And I hope that someone out there is happy about the subtitles while watching the drama. :no_mouth:


I only discovered VIKI a couple of weeks ago! I knew about Rakuten of course, from back when it took over as I’m very much into videogaming.

But then the lockdown started and I happened to watch Tunnel on Netflix. I was hooked and started watching every Kdrama I could find on there. But it wasn’t easy always following my favourite actors from one series to another as they aren’t always on there.

So after exhausting most of what I wanted to watch on Netflix I decided my next series should be Mr Queen as I saw Choi Jin-Hyuk was in it (though of course, disappointly he isn’t really in it much at all)

But Mr Queen wasn’t on Netflix so I decided to do a search via Apple Tv as it covers a few apps, and low and behold I saw VIKI. A no-brainer to sign up after seeing the masses of content on here :slight_smile:



Which TUNNEL one? The one from NORWAY? based on a true story. That one is awesome currently showing now, but I know they have one TUNNEL (take it back, I have seen 2 so far) titled TUNNEL the one I like the guy that survives with the cake, and the one with Choi Jin-Hyuk that he’s a detective that goes back and forth time to solve a crime. WELCOME to RAKUTENVIKI.COM!