What's your Viki story?


@angelight313_168 Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

I didn’t realise there was more than one Tunnel ! Actually that’s not strictly true. I watched the Time Travel one with Choi Jin-Hyuk (who after watching Rugal as well has become my favourite actor) and then did also watch what I believe was a Thai (?) version.

I’m just completely obsessed with all things Korean now :smiley:

My orginal bucket list for places to visit was:

1: Tokyo
2: Los Angeles
3: New York.

But now my list is:

1: South Korea
2: South Korea
3: South Korea …haha

I just wish I was a good learner/student because I’d dearly love to learn Korean so that I could watch them without subtitles :slight_smile:


Welcome! I also am a fan of Choi Jin Hyuk. If you haven’t watched them already, I would recommend these.


@choitrio Thanks :slight_smile:

I have just finished watching Zombie Detective and loved it. The only downside for me with Korean shows, is that they don’t often make more than one series of something which is a real shame.

I thought Rugal could easily have had another series, as could Zombie Detective and Tunnel.


I read somewhere they were going to make a second season of zomby detective


@mrbungle85_573, @frustratedwriter, at one point there was a talk of second season but the latest I read is that it got cancelled and they are hoping to be picked up by another broadcaster. “Zombie Detective” was one of my very first dramas I translated so I enjoyed it both as a viewer and a translator. To be honest though, I am not sure if a second season would be as interesting as the first since the fun part of the first season was watching the zombie trying to adjust to human life. But with the same cast of actors, perhaps it is possible.


I guess you are right, the second season would lose some of what we got in the first season, oh well…


@choitrio well first of all thank you for your hard work doing translations :slight_smile: I’m sooooooo jealous. I wish I could speak Korean. But I need to find someone local to me. I need to be responsible to someone and have to report back to them in order for me to learn and stay focused.

Shame there might not be a second series though. I think they could have done some fun things with the same cast, but them now knowing he is a Zombie and so exploiting his abilities :slight_smile:


My first experience of overseas content came from watching anime on Crunchyroll. Something tells me I’m probably not alone in this?

After this I started watching overseas content on Netflix. I think the first overseas content. I watched on Netflix was a Spanish drama, although I can’t remember precisely which one. After some time I was eventually led here. Because I don’t have the best memory I can’t remember what my first Kdrama was.I can remember the first one that binged watched and that was…

I think I have been a Viki customer since October 2019 (I will have to doublecheck that) but I know that I came across viki a couple of years before that. But back then there was only a few hundred titles in the viki UK library , so I didn’t create an account back then. I think that Viki is a service that would be more popular in various different places around the world if more people knew about it . It might then be able to better compete with Netflix for content licenses. That being said , Viki has attracted media attention once or twice in the UK.

At the end of the day. It doesn’t matter where content comes from as long as there is subtitles available to enable the viewers to understand what they are watching.