When a recap ruins the series

Found this on the 9th episode of Reply 1988. These are MAJOR spoilers and should be reviewed or changed before they’re linked to Viki. I understand the intro line needs to entice the viewer to read the rest, but this is a bit too much. I wouldn’t want to know that hurricane Taek is coming in that particular episode.

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I can’t remember exactly what happens in Episode 9, but is that a series-ruining recap? It looks fairly innocuous to me. Perhaps it spoils a cliffhanger from Episode 8 that I’ve forgotten about.

Hmmm, I guess it’s relative. But knowing what we know when we watched it till the end, it sort of is. I remember that until that episode I didn’t really consider Choi Taek to be a serious contender.

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I don’t mind a recap sometimes especially for the week or two showings, but the daily is really not a goods thing

I’m watching this show now and I haven’t seen any recaps. I didn’t even know there were recaps om Viki. Where are they placed? I usually look on wikipedia what a drama is about before I start watching and there it was already comfirmed who was going to be Deok Seon’s husband. So, for me it doesn’t really matter since I knew from the beginning.