When a snail falls in love

ok every one, I finished watching this, I have a problem, I didn’t understand the ending could someone explain it to me? or did I miss something? thanks

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You mean you saw it elsewhere? The last ones should have aired last Monday, but they are not yet out on viki. In case you watched it outside viki, if that website has comments, ask people there.
If not, then wait till you see the end.
But generally, it’s best, instead of asking here, to go to the show’s last episode page, where the comments are. That is the most likely place where you will find all the people who have watched the show in its entirety and can answer any questions at the best of their knowledge.


I watched episodes 20& 21 on DF, really confusing there…

I watched it again and still confused, yes I took your advice and asked the other people about this. when it finishes on Viki, you will see what I mean.

Would you expand on what aspects you don’t understand? Perhaps after I’ve watched the last two eps, I’ll help to clarify.

Btw, this may make you feel better. You are not alone. From C-netz, I’ve read of quite a number of viewers who were lost or confused about the ending too.

In fact, just like many other dramas, this is another adaptation that almost totally ‘defaced’ the original novel. But, it’s still an enjoyable watch :slight_smile:


If you’ve watched episode 20&21 those were the final episodes. Some people suspect that they left it open for a second season considering the ending was left open. If you tell me which parts you don’t understand specifically, or what confused you I can help to try and clarify your confusion.

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a second season would be great.
ok here goes; the main guy came out of his come met the little “snail” they were at that other girls wedding, those two talked a lot about their future and all course a kiss happened, next thing you see is they are standing at those graves, of which are the ones that caused all the mess close to the ending, it looks like the guy is going to pass out but doesn’t . He receives a phone call, then a car driving on a road ( cowboy riding in the sunset type thing, at least that is what it reminded me of) also a bit before that and the phone call, he mentioned about little snail will do fine if he died??!! weird to say the least. it looked like he was in a coma for quite some time I do hope there is another season.and yes this was a very enjoyable show. out of the norm. I know I jumped around a lot, excuse me for that.
wonder if he is still in a coma and came back temporarily ,
like I said very confusing! maybe theres a message there. guess i better stop guessing. anyway thanks for listening
its the car driving away left me hanging

I finally got a response from the other link, they said it might be a season 2, sure hope so, would make a bit of better sense/ the person said there was a body in that vehicle, well y’all haven’t seen this so I won’t go any further. but just to say a possible season 2

Ce drama est tellement nul que j’ai abandonné lol et le caméra bouge trop !
This drama is really bad so I gave up it. And the camera mooved too much !

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I did like the plot, but I also think it went a bit off track too.May that was supposed to be that way. yeah the cameras, kinda made me “seasick”

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I think second season. The chinese drama Ode to Joy is filming a second season and the main actor from when a snail falls in love should be in the second season too as well as the main actress. They played love interests in that one too but her character was much more aggressive and he played a proper doctor with a bit of a wild side. I read some unofficial write up about how the other woman who was the shy one might cause problems between him and his girlfriend but that was a very unofficial post as far as I know.

glad for #2! Isn’t it interesting that “Fated to love you” called that girl a snail? when a snail falls in love, how cool is that?

So are they bringing out a second season of this???
I’ve looked around online and can’t find anything.
Help please

I thoughjt the "Ode to joy was going to be the 2nd of when a snail falls in love, boy am I ever off track! I started to watch ode to joy with the mind set it was #2. I am sure this is a good drama, I only watched the first episode, yeah waiting for connections and all. but none came. so I have to re watch that one later still cant wait for #2 , oh yeah, wonder if he will see ghosts after coming out of coma, or other kind of “gifts”

I haven’t found #2 either