When do the drama air on viki


I want to know if anyone knows when the drama continue on viki?.. example… what k-drama airs on Mon, tues , weds , thurs , fri and sat and sunday? Is there any place that list these times?


I don’t know if it will help you.


It depends on where you live. The drama usually will be uploaded few hours after it aired. So for example, if you live in USA or Europe or Asia, the Monday-Tuesday drama will be uploaded on Monday and Tuesday as well for you.
If you live in New Zealand like me, since my time zone is quite early than anybody else, the Monday-Tuesday drama becomes a Tuesday-Wednesday drama.
To know the airing day schedule of a drama, just go to its community wall. The info about which days the drama will be aired would on the community wall.
Viki uploading time is around 9-10 AM PST - you just have to convert it into your time zone.