When does Qualified Contributor take effect?

I just become a Qualified Contributor, and I’m excited. When I first joined, Viki, I had no Idea that people subbed and did all the work, I love subtitling and segmenting. But I just have a few questions to ask the people who are Qualified Contributors. I read the article on Qualified Contributors, It said you can watch videos that aren’t available in you country. There are some channels that aren’t licensed in America, and I’d like to Segment and Subtitle them, but When I click on the video, It says Not available in your region"

So When When does the Qualified Contributor take effect?
^.^ Thanks, Again. Fighting!

If you become today, you have to wait for 1 or couple days, but the good news, you got qualified. Congratulation on that! :slight_smile: Happy for you!

You need to apply for the QC status, you can find the form in community -> volunteer or else just write the help center. You will see you have it when you have the special badge.

I don’t know how long it takes, I’m a QC for years and back then you got it automatically after you reached the right amount of subs/segs

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Did you log out and in again, after becoming QC?
Normally it takes effect right away.
Did you pay for the Viki Pass?
Normally not all series will be available for QCs, but most are, it depends on the license owner, if they give it free or not. Normally the channel volunteers write it on the main channel page.
Welcome as a QC and have fun at Viki.^^

I did, and No I didn’t pay for viki pass, Do I have to?
and the QC for me isn’t still working. :frowning:

It seems you have the QC badge so it should be working. Some channels have restrictions to even QC access to you might want to check if you’re trying to access one of those.