When Viki makes their "Best Costume Dramas & Movies" collection

…and puts The Pillow Book on the list, but not Nirvana in Fire or Joy of Life, then I really have to react with a…


I hope it’s only one person composing these and they just haven’t had time to watch these two. Because, darn, that was a big misstep. You have to know which gems you have in your house in order to be able to brag about them.


The link of the collection would have been great since I need to look it up, here:

When I look at that collection, I think there is more missing, as usual not all regions, at least I think I have not seen them on the list:


I guess there are a lot more dramas that were left out or maybe the limit is 50 dramas for collections made by Viki?

I also noticed, the layout of this collection is different than the usual collections I’ve seen. Interesting though.


LOL it’s Viki’s collection not one of ours.

Well there is a lot to add for Viki …


I really think this is the case…
I hate most of the dramas in the “Dramas we Love” category on Viki’s main page… they’re almost always low-rated dramas :flushed:


I usually don’t even scroll down …

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As soon as you said ‘not NIF’, I went WHAAAAAT? :open_mouth:. Haven’t watched JOL yet.

I hardly pay attention to Viki collections.


:joy::joy::joy: Have to check that collection!

Maybe they’re trying to commercialise them more this way?

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Perhaps, as the collection title suggests, the “Best” collection (to them) does not include those dramas and movies that you/we/others may like. Perhaps they are still building this collection. After all, it’s subjective and it’s also their prerogative. On the other hand, if you look at viewers’ collections, you’d find that you don’t always agree with their choices, too.


True. However, if I were them, I’d probably give the task of naming best costume dramas to at least 10-20 people, to get a consensus. to have a more representative official Viki stance.

It would be said if they had already done it and this was the result.


yes loved them all

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Another rant :joy:

When Viki makes More like Yumi’s Cells collection and puts this in description

They really made this one carelessly. How are these 4 dramas like Yumi’s Cells? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:



LOL Why ask isn’t this Viki-universe?

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To the Beautiful You is the least popular out of the four dramas in the screenshot :joy: I don’t think there’s a living kdrama fan who hasn’t heard of WWWSK or DOTS.

I think the person just wanted to create a big playlist. That happens sometimes. They choose quantity over quality.

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LOL! As far as I know, one can’t reply to a comment that hasn’t been published/finished. What is this? Please, please, first think twice before you click Reply.

It seems like this is happening quite a lot… I wonder what on earth is going on. It’s literally impossible to see something that hasn’t been posted, so why does it seem like other users are answering posts before they’ve been posted?

The only reason I can think of is a slow internet connection. Or editing your post and forgetting that you’ve posted it :slightly_frowning_face:

Nothing strange is going on. Once you’ve hit the Reply button, that’s it, your comment is instantly public. And not a milisecond before that.

Yes, you may have seen something right after posting, something which made you reconsider your comment. But others are not to blame for seeing and replying to your comment.


uh… No, they are not. It’s just a sales pitch. they are putting out a loss leader hoping to get a nibble.