Where are all commenters?

As a real drama lover I watch a lot of drama’s. For me comments are part of every drama if I think the comments are to childish I close the comment section. But it is like there are but a few commenters left in the last 3, 4 maybe 5 drama’s I watched. And now the last drama I watched there was not even a note of the translators en segmenter’s, I am a bit confused right now and curious if you have the same experience.

All the best for my fellow drama lovers

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There’s two types of comments on Viki:

  • Live ones
  • Ones under the main page for that series.

I’m assuming you’re talking about live ones? If so, what do you mean by “not even comments about subtitles and segmenters “?

The OP said “not even notes”, not comments. The usual explanation notes we always put when there’s a strange word or custom.

It must have been shows translated by Viki staff or that have come already translated.


First I want to say thanks for your answers.

I meant the life comments, it was a strange experience to see so little of them the last dramas I’ve been watching.

For not mentioning the subbers, it is a reasonable explanation if a drama comes online complete with subtitles. Just never saw it before.

Most of the times I watch a few dramas in one period of time, to my relief I saw the life comments more prest bij “One and Only”

Again thanks and have a good weekend👋🏻

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I share the same habit as you. Watching the drama with commentary is so much fun than watching it “alone” I guess.

For the commenters, I think there a lot of factors:

  1. Mostly, some of the dramas are on-air and people do not watch on-air dramas that much. So possibly, you can find more commenters on the same drama when it is completed.

  2. Some of the Moderators moderate the comments that are violent or hateful or you know, containing vulgar language. So their comments get deleted.

  3. Possibly because people do not like to comment that much now. We are living in a fast age. Some of the people, like me, watch drama on-go. So, there is no time to comment.

  4. Possibly the youngsters who once stuck to Viki have grown up. So, they realized that commenting about at what time they are watching or from where they are watching or “Are these comments live” is not fun or informative at all. So, they stopped commenting.

There may be a lot of reasons. I could only think of these reasons. There are reasons for that as well:

  1. Rarely, very rarely, I watch on-air dramas. Waiting for the next episode is thrilling but not very impatient like me.

  2. I am a moderator, so I often delete such comments that contain negative language. You know, I once deleted a comment that was sharing their private phone number or their personal information.

  3. Watching dramas on-go isn’t my thing, but because I have to travel a bit, so I prefer not to comment. Commenting while being in bumpy bus is not a nice idea at all.

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A good day to you goddessofmoon,

It was my pleasure to read your answer, it made me happy to read about comments that are not appropriate get deleted. Sometimes I wonder why would someone trough such a comment online. You gave a number of reasons why there are changes in the comment section and all of them are reasonable.

And what you said about watching drama with comment is indeed not watching alone😊

Thanks for your answer, have a great weekend, on or off the bus👋🏼