Where are all the men ? I can't be the only one into K-Drama


Is this Wiki correct?

Yep, I googled it! Jeopardy style, What is airsoft? At least that’s what I heard in my head when I typed the question :smile::laughing::smile:


Basically yes, Airsoft is very broad and has sub-categories. Participants may include anyone from a child to 60+, School children to serving military personnel, people from every walk of life. People do it for different reasons as well, there’s adrenaline junkies, sports entusiasts, larp/cosplay, gun nuts, real life counter-strike, milsim, ppl who generally just want to do something to forget their daily life for a moment. Etc.
It has ofc health benefits as well, because it can be fysically straining, and I’ve heard some with ptsd have found a healty outlet for it in Airsoft. As a hobby it’s also fairly cheap, compared to many other sports.

So it can to some be a super serious thing and to some not a big deal. With the basic fact that the vast majority is men who practise it.


The sport is very similar to paintball with the exception being that each player uses an airsoft gun that shoots bbs in the place of paintballs. The bbs do not leave any visible marks on the players making it easier to maintain their airsoft gear and clothing.
Credit: airsoftgi. com (I didn’t want to post the link, too much gun pics)


Well I found another guy by chance @thenakadroid_54 perhaps you’ll join this guy club, lol :smile:
Update: Just saw another by chance, what’s happening :joy: @dipaul_515

I think it’s a very good thing to have all kind of mix of people on Viki from any corner on this planet with different cultures and even a good mix of ages from 13 to over 70, woot woot! :+1: :clap:


yup, I’m a guy, checks out :smiley: we really are outnumbered though.
I mostly watch korean dramas, though I like me some japanese ones as well.
I love crime stuff like Lawless Lawyer but I also enjoy some romance shows.
My real guilty pleasures are tearjerkers though :joy:


Heh, this

Actually, this depends, diffenrent countries have different laws of how powerful the guns can be, I do get marks on me occationally that are visible. Though it’s not a big deal and you can turn it into a casual conversation starter.

It’s funny to see different cultures associations to certain topics. Here guns aren’t anything special and there’s universal male conscription, hunting etc. :slight_smile:


I know what you mean, hey it’s because I didn’t want trigger someone feeling too offended. Guns have a purpose and they do damage. My uncle and cousins are hunters and I ate the meat, and Swiss Army (active) keep their rifles and guns in their closet in case of mobilization. But the web shows it too big so you get me… I have nothing against this type of sports, there is also archery which I like, and I even did target shooting at a fair to get some stuffed animal… :smile:




Good on you!

Thankfully, mines above was limited.

Our :us_outlying_islands: news has too many real time casualties. But, anyone can see the difference.

That sounds painful tho’ . . .


My nephew stopped playing the sport bc he couldn’t deal with the pain, He was black and blue all over. I’m guseeing he wasn’t good at playing that bc he got hit so many times it was ridiculous. One time he got hit on the face! That’s when he said he was done with that ‘‘sport’’


Gotta admit they have some serious story lines at time, but I find them refreshing , even the cliche things are not as bad as i am used to seeing on American TV , ( if I see one more divorced detective with issues with his kids and a drinking problem I am going to scream , and let’s not forget the walk away from an explosion without turning around thing ) , at least the Korean cliches come with some of the most beautiful women on the planet with them :slight_smile: ( yeah , I know every Korean woman does not look like a K-drama star, but it’s DAMNED good marketing ! )


My son and I torture each other whenever possible with paintball ( at least we can prove the shot )


Good for your son, sounds a bit risky physically.


Oh dear :pleading_face:!


He is 29 , and when we leave the range , I look like modern art and his white t-shirt …is still white :slight_smile:




Preparing for battle :slight_smile:


Now :smiley:?! :laughing::+1:t5: Nice!


Pre-covid father’s day , when our favorite range was open.


Paintball is for n00bs, because as my t-shirt says: ‘Even paintballers need [airsoft] heroes’


We just got our first airsoft park here, gonna try it out before it gets hot , it is near a creek and river, the skeeters there hurt more than any air gun.