Where are my A+'s ? who loves MBLAQ! <3

Where are my A+'s out there ? tell me your bias and favorite Mblaq song xD this is a place where you can express your love for them and who makes you laugh xD

MY BIAS and the man that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE and he’s sooo hilarious xD is LEE JOON!!!

not only do i think he have the best looks in the group and perfect smile, but i love how much of a goofball he is,he’s not afriad to act crazy and look silly. and that little smirk he does when he knows he did something wrong or bad HAHAHA

funny mblaq video:


favorite song and best video for me : CRY

2nd crazy funny guy in mblaq for me: MIR xD

best reality show and FUNNIEST: HELLO BABY!!

tell me who and what you love about mblaq!!

Awww girl I think I have to take part here too

You and me at every topic haha

Girl introduce them to me … I don’t know much about them… I just listened to some songs you showed me somewhere else


i know only thunder i love him !!

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I shall take part here too i guess lol…
Lee Joon has always been my bias in MBLAQ. I think its the same for a lot of people. I mean how could they not like a guy who is hot, honest, funny and adorable.

One of the funniest variety idols: hello baby, sesame player etc.
My fav song is Mona Lisa…but i also liked smokey girl.

hahaha okay thunder! haha @CNBlandine yes xD @dramaaaaa

okay girls, here are the mblaq boys:

this is seungho, he’s the leader of the group .lead vocal:

G.O- main vocal, oldest of the group.

Thunder! -lead rapper and dance, also sings.-

MIR! - second crazy nut ehem- i mean- main rapper and the baby of the group-

and last but not least LEE JOOOON! - face of the group,hilariousness,singer,main dancer-

funny examples of mblaq being crazy :


one word: MIR:


LOL and




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yes! thunder is awesome! xD he’s very quiet hahaha


YES! another A+ ! you are so right. lee joon. no need to say more. this man is awesome in every way xDDD ohhh i love mona lisa! that ones oldddd and smoky girl xD he is VERY honest, your right. too honest haha

Girl I can’t help
But I love Lee Joon he looks so cute omgggg

Omgg hahahahahha they are so funny hahahahaha

“I will close my Eyes” hahahaha who was that ?

he has that little grin when he’s gonna get in trouble that just melts my heart and makes me hysterical X.D im not sure, what video? hahaha WE ALWAYS HAVE THE SAME BIAS!!! pats on back we have good taste girl, good taste xD

LOLOLOL yes Girl definitely
Sometimes i think. Girl search for your own Bias. But I can’t help we definitely have the same taste haha

The first one with the videos… They are going to dress the girls so one of them said “I will close my eyes”

HAHAHAHA i know xD suengho said that hahahaha xD silly gooses xD

yea girl! search for your own biases!! LOL im just joking, you have the same eye as me xD im glad u have come to love lee joon too, and im glad u agree with me SO I CAN HAVE MORE PPL TO SPAZZ WITH!! its very rare to come into contact with someone who always have the same bias as you, and when i do, i love it!!! so i dont mind at all, dont worry xD

THIS,IS ADORABLE. MY two (well, our two now xD) biases!!!


i love lee joon he’s so cute and funnyyy xDD hahahaha but KIKWANGGGG so adorableee xDD


edit: i actually think G.O. said that xP forgot the vid




omgg they are so funny god ahhahaha and KIKWANG he did all that sooooooooooo cute way cuter than LEE Joon but thats okay they are both so cute and funny omggg I love my Biases

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LOLOLOL AHAHAHAHA xD i knowww! AND u turned into an old man i see! (looks harder at gif)

hahahaha kikwang is too cute xD rlly and lee joon is adorbs

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH this man is totally describing my situation right now hahahaha

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omo i can’t do that it’s so hard !!!

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smoky girl !!! i remenber thunder have pink hair !!!

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I like that he is too honest, although sometimes it gets him into trouble:P

LOL i know, thats what makes it so hilarious xD always being caught xD

I LOVED thunder’s hair in there!