WHERE ARE THE SUBS?! PLEASE SUB! I NEED SUBS NOW! Ehh it's fully subbed but


I noticed there is a nasty bug flying around on Viki for a few weeks resulting in more sub whiners even after an episode is fully subbed! I was just binge watching a Kdrama and the subs where not there. I was like strange, there should be subs. Turns out Viki decided to switch the subs off for an unknown reason… So I switched them back on but Viki decided I didn’t need subs anyway and switched them off the next day. And 5 minutes ago Viki decided I once again don’t need subs. WHY?! Leave me alone and let me enjoy my Kdrama with subs!

I am not the only one am I?

Might file a help request later but I decided to post here too…


Have you tried clearing browser data?


This is such a strange behavior from this site. It has happened to me a few times but I just stop watching the drama and move on to something else.


same here no more subs for me, what do i do to get it back, i pay the 99dollars for the year, should i cancel


There is a bug going around here at the site, just wait. Cancelling will only leave you with nothing to watch bc is unbearable to watch with those sickening ads.

Just have a little patience since they just started to realize what is going on with the subs and episodes, too.

Patience is a virtue. Never decide anything on a impulse without analyzing the pros and cons. I learned the hard way my lesson. Hope all is resolved soon…:slight_smile:


@ dudie

I just noticed you pic here show sub icon was in white, and is suppose to be in blue. Always check that. It’s been happening a lot to me that I have to ‘‘turn it on to blue’’ to see the subs in the drama.


Yes, I made this topic to make people aware that if they don’t see subs while there should be subs they should check if they are really switched on. Every once in a while Viki switches them off for some unkown reason.


I know you did, thank you. That is why now I’m always checking to see if the icon is in blue. But lately is happening almost all the time with most of the dramas I decide to watch. This problem is taking long to be resolved.


What if they’re greyed out and missing ?!? Then what ?!? Aigooooo…


Lately, this site never fails to surprise me. I still haven’t seen them in gray. That means you have no choice there, right?


Issue should be resolved for now.


thanks for your sweet answer, next time i won’t complain, i realize that life is not perfect, and Viki is trying to fix the problem


Thank you for waiting a bit. Later on, if you still dissatisfied and want to cancel you can do it, but at least you gave them some time to resolve the problem.

put this link where you can check about bugs going on at viki. Hope the link works.