Where is Chinese Drama 来到你的世界 "Unexpected" (2018)?

Three months ago Unexpected 来到你的世界 (2018) was meant to be released on Viki but it has ever since been frozen on “coming soon” with no further updates on when it will release or if it will ever release.

On several occasions I have contacted Viki through email and twitter but in all my attempts a proper answer was never delivered and quite frankly it is very disappointing that a streaming service that commits itself to a specific release date, October of last year, has remained silent on the matter or even provided an explanation other than “files not available”. The so called files are available on Youtube in high definition just without English subtitles.

Overall it comes across as a very lazy, unprofessional practice.

I’m wondering the same thing since last year it was announced.
They haven’t given us any update this year so… :frowning:
I think they should categorize a channel as a “Coming soon” only if they’re 100% sure they will get the episode files… or else why making fans so excited about it :rage:
Sigh… I guess it’s just a matter of time?
I only hope that Expect The Unexpected team members are around whenever that happens :expressionless:

Seeing the absence of feedback it looks like they don’t even care about users waiting at all, and there’s at least 5000 followers waiting for “Unexpected” to be available. It’s an unfair practice, especially when you pay for a service and don’t get delivered what’s being promised.

At this point I feel like it would be faster to find people who can translate and make subtitles for the whole episodes (that are available on youtube) than Viki ever bothering getting the actual episodes. I’ve also contacted the company that owns the drama Tencent at tencentofficial@gmail.com in hopes that they upload the c-drama on their youtube channel with english subtitles just as they did with two other C-dramas.

Anyway since Viki continues their silence treatment, if you’d like to watch “Unexpected” with English subtitles, message me.

We are already at the end of April 2019 and Unexpected is still in “Coming Soon”.

Hi everyone!
I’m the channel manager for UNEXPECTED.
We do have a TEAM that it’s been ready for months to contribute to this project but we can’t do anything if videos are not uploaded by Viki

This is the last update we got last year :disappointed:

So… it won’t surprise me if the channel gets deleted like My Poseidon
Let’s expect THE UNEXPECTED for sure and it’s definitely not a joke :frowning:

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Unexpected to be uploaded on July 10th!
For your kind consideration, it will be uploaded with no segments or subs at all.
Expect The Unexpected Team will try its best to help us so we ask for patience and support :pray:

Thank you!



Congratulations marykarmelina, after 8 months of waiting, finally Unexpected is coming to Viki in July 10.


This is Unexpected-ly good news :wink:

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Today, the chinese drama Unexpected is coming to Viki, after 8 months of waiting and becoming the longest chinese drama in the Coming Soon Section in Viki. Good luck to Expect The Unexpected Team. FIGHTING!!!