Where is the TV Guide?

I want to know where does the TV Guide we had previous has gone!
I was trying to go take a look to know the schedule for some series but couldn’t found it!

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Since Viki started to make some changes in appearance, TV Guide seems no longer connected to the main page at least I didn’t find the right way either however.
After typing “Rakuten Viki TV Guide” into a search machine here it is:


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you @lutra. I was looking for the TV Guide too.


It’s there but hard to find. I finally copied a direct link and added it to my bookmarks so I could get there easily. This does need to get fixed.


Good idea.

Well, I tried many windows to find it… unless I use your link I can’t find it on Viki page. I hope this is a bug, otherwise this decision is a totally a fail.

@camiille can you perhaps tell us where TV Guide has been now placed, much appreciated :bouquet:



Hopefully this will help for now until it gets fixed.

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Hey @bjohnsonwong tx for the link, but I had the link from lutra.
I just wanted to know where you found it withi Viki website… I guess it’s really not accessible yet…

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Hi all,

Thanks for writing in! Our team is checking in on more info about the change to the TV Guide link. For now, please use the direct link, https://www.viki.com/tv-guide. Aiming to get back to you all with updates tomorrow.


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Thanks so much for the link, I was really ‘lost’ without it.

I’m sorry it’s a bit off-topic, but Viki’s Title Request Form is not available.
“Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions.”
So many volunteers use this link on channels for fans to request a drama in their region.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience! We received confirmation that the TV Guide dropdown link was removed. We actually would like to hear from all of you how you use the TV Guide, as this will be very helpful for us to present back as feedback for its use. Please provide any feedback in regards to that here:


More info more about this change, the new title request form, and additional updates are in that post as well.

Viki Community Team