Where to get some good snacks?


I snatched this image of my fave ajummah from the YouTube channel for “xytbrc1” who created a fun video to celebrate Kim Mi Kyung’s lady-like but kick-ass approach to saving the world for . . . gimbap.


This is a level of video-ness I cannot even imagine attaining. My hat is off to this YouTuber who so perfectly has spread the gospel of K-drama. And if this person is a Viki fan or subber or both, wow. I could not be more impressed.

I am so late to the table, so to speak, when it comes to enjoying life in the Viki-verse. Every time I log in, I discover more lovely stuff.

This week I have been thinking that, the longer I sit at home, the more life would have meaning . . . if I could sit at my kitchen table, drink tea, eat all the gimbap in the world, and help Ji Chang Wook make the world safe for . . . me and my tastebuds! :rofl:

But I’m trying to keep busy in other ways.

A volunteer organization in my area offers “friendly chats” to folks who are stuck at home for whatever reasons and who just want to keep connected. I have been talking to an older lady who has COPD and Parkinsons, and we have been having a great time talking about the 2 Viki loves: drama series and food.

She is Hispanic and very fussy about her meat, her rice, and her beans. I mentioned that she can get some fantastic meat, rice, and beans if she can get to the premier Korean restaurant in our area. It’s called Seoul House . . . and seriously, the gimbap is fantastic. I had three rolls all by myself during one lunch with friends.

Of course nobody can go right now. And they can’t order from GrubHub unless they are right in the area with the restaurant. Which is soooo sad. Is there a website I could mention to her where she could order some cool–and preferably NOT preservative-laden–snacks until she can get out and taste the goodness of Korean food?


Maybe the restaurant has their own delivery? Several places here are doing that just to keep open since they aren’t serving sit down meals any longer.

GrubHub is apparently the delivery method of choice for Seoul House. So any suggestions about snacks is what I’m after at the moment.

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Do they allow takeout in your area?

Takeout is fine if orders are called in to certain restaurants and paid for on the phone. The customer then goes to the restaurant, parks in the parking lot, calls the restaurant, and the food is brought out. Again, the woman I have been chatting with does not live in the area of the restaurant and is not likely to go there on her own.

I don’t live in the area either. I’ve never met my phone pal in person and have no idea exactly where she lives. I’m just trying to think of where she could order things online that are tasty and simple.

It’s not a big deal, and this woman is actually way ahead of me in culinary interest and skill. She cooks for her very fortunate 16-year-old granddaughter once a week and delivers it to her house. Last week, the lucky girl got black beans and white rice, barbecued chicken, and potato salad–all home-made.

Where I live, current rules and regulations about social distancing are due to expire on May 15, so it will be easy for her very soon to hop in her own car and drive out to get Korean food if she wants it.

I just love it so much I cannot imagine anyone not eating it as much as I do (relative to other kinds of take-out food).

I guess I am projecting onto her. Bored? Tired? Restless? Of course the cure is gimbap! Or noodles in black bean sauce. Or seafood pancake. Or grilled meat. Or . . . budae jjigae. Mmm.

Thanks for suggestions. I can always count on my Viki peeps!

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