Which broadcasting stations do you watch Korean Dramas from?

I used to like MBC but now they have turned into sitcoms and rom-coms and it tends to cater to more Western audiences like SBS. I know watch the KBS dailies via KBS world, when I first started I watched a lot of dramas from SBS, my favorites from SBS were Queen of Ambition and Shining Inheritance and thats about it. Which broadcasting stations do you prefer to watch Korean dramas from?

In my opinion, I like tvN dramas the most. Their rom-com are pretty good. SBS is not bad, KBS is not bad too. For MBC, I think their historical drams are good. But to choose the most favorite for rom-com, I will choose tvN.

OCN…I love mysteries and crime shows so they have the best ones (God’s Quiz,Bad Guys, Cheo Yong, Ten,Missing Noir M, Vampire Detective, 38 Task Force)

Definitely agree! Forget to mention OCN is famous for its “Crime and mystery” genre!