Which Chinese movie is it?


I’m looking for a Chinese historical movie that I watched many many years ago, I can’t remember the title of this movie.
I only remember some scenes of it, it was really weird and it wasn’t for my age when I watched it (yes, it was a long time ago :joy:).

So here it is, if someone could help me to find which movie it was:

I don’t know if it was a king or an emperor, but it was a man with power, he was wearing luxurious clothes. He fell in love with a beautiful woman.
He kidnapped this beautiful woman and locked her (in a cave? )
This woman was famished all year (I think it was like that, I hope I didn’t make up a story from my memories) and she only got to eat like a queen when the man was coming to see her.
In exchange for this banquet, the man “wanted his feast”.
I remembered this striking scene: she was wearing beautiful clothes (red clothes?) and she was devouring a chicken leg while he was devouring her skin.

Thank you for your help!

Well, maybe it’s a porn. I knew you were naughty!

LOL, look who’s talking! Wonder who recommended me to watch A Special Lady when I was looking for a thriller/murder cases to watch!

No no, I’m sure this movie has some fighting scenes, it must have some.
The woman must have felt in love with another man, the other man must have fought to take her back.
Otherwise, where’s the point??? Catharsis :slight_smile:

Finish your book otherwise you’ll be like a zombie, pinguchan :kissing_heart:
(Don’t pull out your whip :joy:)