Which country are you from?


I’m from FRANCE !! :stuck_out_tongue: !!


Hi I am from Barbados, was born in St. Vincent


Sweden :slight_smile:


I’m from Japan:grinning:


Fine and you?


Hi! I’m from Peru :slight_smile:


from mexico!!!
holaaa :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m from Brazil. :grin:
Olá para todos os sul americanos do VIKI! :wave:


I’m from China, Located in UK at the moment


I’m from Dominican Republic :grinning:, I live in the US now though.


Hi! I am from Turkey! :four_leaf_clover:


I’m from the USA. :blush:


I’m from Peru. Hi everyone :grin::grinning:


Brazil <3333


Hi everyonw! I’m from Italy :slight_smile:


hello im from to argentina


I am from the USA


USA, I so much like the great story lines of all Asian drama’s .I greatly appreciate all the hard work that Viki and translators do in bringing us such entertaining content,I gave up TV long ago in lieu of this.I can not speak,read other than USA english but I am premium member.Hope that helps.I know I enjoy ever moment.
Thank you.


Hey i’m from Portugal! :smiley:


Hello guys💕 I am from Greece^^