Which country are you from?


sending warm greetings on snowy day from CANADA :grinning:


I’m in the U.S.
Nice to meet you guys!


NH greets Canada, snowy here too going on the 6th day almost in a row… no more place to dump it…


Hey there! I am half spanish and half filipino but I was born and raised in spain!


I am from the Usa, the state is NC


Proud Canadian ^^. Ontario, Canada to be exact :smile:


USA here. Wow, this place is diverse. Really cool.


same from which part of the United States are you from because i am from Georgia


Hi everyone, I come from Germany :blush:


Florida :blush:


USA :smiley: florida as well ~


I’m from the French part of Canada and it is deadly cold today (-18, but feels like -30). I hope you all are staying warm! ^-^


Hello everybody!

Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina (south america) :sunglasses: Today the weather is hot as hell haha


Iceland :volcano:


de buenos aires argentina esta en america del sur


I’m from Colombia. :slight_smile:


hello from texas, usa. well to be fair, i could just say hello from texas. people here act like texas is a country of its own anyways :joy:


Hello i am from Portugal.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Há aqui mais portugueses? Gostava de conhecer outros portugueses viciados em kdramas,como eu :heart_eyes:


Olá! Eu não sou de Portugal, mais apprendo Português um pouco :slight_smile: O português é muito lindo, mas não é facil :frowning: Sou de Holanda. Bemvenido ao Viki!
I hope I wrote clearly!


I don’t see any one from another star, wouldn’t that be another country?? hehehehe trying to be funny here