Which country are you from?


Hola, soy de Argentina :wink:


oii eu sou do Brasil


Hello everyone. I am from the UK.


California, United States!


Vad kul - då förstår du svenska också. Men varför studerar man nordiska språk? Planerar du att flytta hit?


Ja, svenska var mitt huvudämne. :slight_smile:
Jag tycker att nordiska språk är mycket vacker.



:joy::joy: Mal ganz blöd gefragt, aber es schon immer wissen wollte
Euer A mit dem Kreis oben drauf, ist doch extra eingespeichert in der Tastatur? Und spricht man genau dieses a anders aus? :thinking: :grin:

:joy::joy:Stupidly asked, but always wanted to know
Your A with the circle on top, is it stored in the keyboard? And do you pronounce exactly this a differently? :thinking: :grin:


It is on the keyboard of the Nordic languages, but not on my Dutch keyboard. :slight_smile:
If I set my keyboard to Finnish (which has the same alphabet, as Swedish, even though they don’t use the å), I can type it by pressing [.
And you could of course use an online keyboard like

The pronunciation is either like a long o or like the Korean 어. The name of the letter also sounds like 어.

Haha, I remember in Swedish lectures once my teacher drew the å on the blackboard and told us: “This is not an a with a circle above it!” :rofl: It’s considered to be a letter on it’s own. In the Swedish alphabet there’s 3 more letters after the z: å, ä and ö. In Norwegian and Danish it’s æ ø å.

O, and in case you’re curious, in Icelandic the ð is pronounced like the th in weather and the þ like the th in clothes. :slight_smile:

Btw, do you have the ß on your keyboard? In Dutch it’s called Ringel-S, but I think you have a different name for it.


Thank you, for your explanation :blush:
Interesting :smiley: Sometimes I wished I could go back in time to be more Inquisitive about languages… :grimacing: I didn’t talk much at the time, that’s no different today, We North Germans have short sentences :joy:

Yes this is the sharp s bzw. eszett :point_up_2:
Gefährlicher Buchstabe :grin:
Ich weiß, es ist weiß


It’s never too late to learn a new language! :wink:
I’m also from the north … of The Netherlands in my case. And we’re also known to be relatively quiet.

Eszett? That almost sounds like Hungarian, haha! I think Ringel-S sounds more cute, but I guess that’s too misleading for such a dangerous letter! :rofl:

Hahaha. :joy:


In old age, :older_woman:it is unfortunately increasingly difficult to record new Things ones :woozy_face:
:grin: do you realize i want to talk myself out :joy:
Tz Just too lazy, not more :sweat_smile:


Learning also decreases our chance of developing dementia. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty obvious, hahaha! :joy:

I’ve got just the thing for you:



:joy::rofl: Wonderful, always leave that in the background… :joy::joy:


Who knows, tomorrow you might start talking Dutch to me! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


ik groet u @mirjam_465 :smiley::sweat_smile::joy:


Geweldig! Het heeft gewerkt! :wink: :joy::rofl:


Now it takes time again :joy::joy:


I’m from America!


Namaste! From Nepal here. :pray:


I’m from Brazil.