Which country are you from?


Hi all! I’m from Ecuador :slight_smile:


Hi, we are practically neighbors. Sanford is my home town. Don’t you just love this site!


hey just about an hour away!! Raleigh, near lake wheeler, kinda between, Garner,Fuquay,Raleigh,Cary
and hi!


I will work on it


Daar ben ik blij om. ( = I’m glad about that.)


USA, Raleigh,NC


Greece. I live on an island.


hi im from Brazil


Canada, the maple country :wink: :maple_leaf:


i am from India…


Hi ! I am from France ^^


i am from India.


Ah yes, our wonderful little Å, the reason scandinavians get wierded out by reading Stargate titles…



Fun fact: It’s not just a letter, it’s also a word in swedish that means “small river” or creek.

(Totally OT I know, but my language was mentioned, so I just couldn’t help myself, sorry :sweat_smile:)


hola soy de colombia :sunny:


I am From Mexico . :slight_smile:


I’m from North America


My ethnicity is 3/4 South Korean 1/4 Thai, and I have lived in California my whole life :slight_smile:


I take it you have watched Stargate then? I don’t know many people outside of my family that have seen that show. grins


I have, as well as a lot of other sci-fi series… bit of a sci-fi freak, lol. SG-1 is really good imho.


helloooo Im from HONDURAS.