Which country are you from?


Yes I know and that is what I tried to explain to him but he’s all about etymology. :smiley:


I got the gist from the start, just wanted to throw some fun facts out there :stuck_out_tongue:
Technically most of Spain, Portugal and Italy could thus also be defined as Goatland. Since those Swedish barbarians set up kingdoms there and created new spawn that still live :stuck_out_tongue:


ok, said it before, I am from Atlantis, raised in the usa, now liv e in NC,USA


DE ARGENTINA:argentina:


welcome again!!


I thought it was Mu? :grin:

According to this map, it is the Azores, but really, the Azores are TINY! Oh! My grandfather is from Atlantis! :roll_eyes: :laughing:

I don’t know what language this is, I just grabbed it off the internet/

Oh! Altanteans invented Volcanic Cooking!


now thats what I call loving it. I’d love to save the picture. oh I got it. copy image. I think the language is a form of celtic. and a stew cooked in a volcano, how cool is that!!

way I read some years ago, Atlantis were the scientific geeks, thats the ones with the neculer stuff and robots, Mu were the spacy ones, religious? the ones that did meditations, magic, etc and all that other stuff, mind stuff


It’s been years since I heard Mu and Atlantis. I thought it was a fad back in the 70’s.

??? hmm Atlantis were supposed to be scientist types and their island sunk in volcanic explosions.

well… The 9 Azores islands are volcanic and on the mid-Atlantic ridge.

Oh! Hey! I found this.



it sunk because of the thermonecular stuff they were doing, their expermentation going wrong yeah I will be watching those today, thanks. and didnt realize lemurya was so big b ut it had to cover all those pacific Islands, the “story” I got is all those Islands wrer part of Mu. part of japan on down, and atlantis part of england and the rest of that country, to spain, and part of africa, this is really nuts, huh? so glad I am from the good ole USA, BUT gotta to realize where did we come from???


The Atlantis story is from Greece… Plato?

They don’t know where the mythical island actually was. Probably one of the Volcanic islands around Greece that blew up.

Mu and Atlantis occupying the entire Pacific and Atlantic stories from the 1800’s is just made up stuff. Underwater maps do not support it.

The science geek in me made me look it up. :upside_down_face:


im from canada :slight_smile:


and that is one placwe(Canada) I would love to know more about, yeah yeah google it!!


Canada is huge. Which part? :slight_smile:


Brazil!!! :brazil::caribbean_netherlands:


Hello everyone! Romania here! :romania: :blush:


Indian! Here


mine a few messages up.


Hi everyone.
I’m from Pakistan.


Brazil. :brazil: <3


love the name, yeah different too!