Which country are you from?


I am from Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.


Welcome to Viki. :heavy_heart_exclamation:
In case you’re interested in volunteering too, maybe in Telugu, @padmalayag would be very happy to have you.


@shraddhasingh thanks, i have already reached out to her via viki inbox a week ago.


I am from Austria.


:apple::statue_of_liberty::us: NYC, USA, by way of St. Catherine, Jamaica :jamaica:


I’m from Italia!


@frustratedwriter Thanks, I like your name too. :slight_smile:


I am also from USA.


i am from Pakistan


Hello, I’m from Poland :poland:


HI guys! :relaxed: roots (Ivory Coast) West Africa but i live in France currently


hiii people:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I’m from Italy:it::it::it::it:


Hmm, interesting, the question of Atlantis is interesting, is it based in fact or not. Personally the most believable theory that I’ve read is that of Doggerland, which was hit with massive Tsunamis, climate change etc. and in a essence “sunk”, though this still took a long while to “sink”. They have found remains of settlements on the seabed in Doggerland, proving it was inhabited, it also seems it might have been a, if not the, center of what we later would have come to know as “Europe”. However, though, based on other stuff that I’ve read, the people of Doggerland would have not been the type of people we today see in Europe. They would have been dark skinned and blue-eyed. The Story of Atlantis has come through the ancient Greeks, who are Indo-European. At the time of Doggerland, white people where still maybe a millennia-ish or so away from Europe and the first Indo-Europeans even further. Since the “sinking” of Doggerland, there have been maybe a few people replacements, meaning, one group comes in and does something so that those earlier people disappear from our records, be int the archeological record, written record etc.

The problem, in my mind, with any theory that theorizes something much later in time is that then we start getting closer to humans starting to write things down and something like Atlantis should have some more corroborating evidence than say, the Doggerland theory. So I unfortunately remain skeptical of whether Atlantis even existed. :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone! From Romania.


Romania, but living in Italy🤗


Atlantis under antartica??? just watching something in Youtube, and I am really still curious!! really cool info


from pakistan


Hi, i’m from Australia


Hi! I’m from Argentina!


Fort Collins, USA. I love traveling and visitng new places. Some info aboutmy city check here and explore something new. You know that change of scenery is sometimes just what you need to get over boredom or the blues, and being far removed from a problem or stressor often allows you to look at it through new eyes.