Which drama(s) have you watched more than once?

Usually this is a good indicator of how much I like a show. So far I’ve seen Master’s Sun and I Hear Your Voice twice. What about you?

The only two dramas, that I’ve seen twice were “You’re beautiful” and “Boys over Flowers” (KDrama Version), but mostly because I’ve watched them a long time ago and wanted to see them again (there are actually others, that I like better). Most of the time I find starting a new show much more interesting than rewatching one I’ve already seen, since there are a lot more good ones out there and they keep coming^^. However I go back to my favorite shows occasionally to rewatch my favorite scenes. :smiley:


For me it’s MY LOVELY KIM SAM SOON and CITY HALL those are perhaps the most rewatched dramas, I can’t even tell anymore how often I saw them.

For me it’s Dream High for sure, since it’s also my favourite drama :smiley: But only the first one, the second sucked…
Then I also watched City Hunter twice and Tumbling, which I don’t think is on Tumblr. I really liked the Drama though.

When I’m re-watching dramas I usually skip  parts and I end finishing in 15 minutes the one hour episode, so I don’t think my list of dramas I’ve rewatched count :stuck_out_tongue:

@linea_kdrama : I also saw J-drama Tumbling a few years ago, on mysoju. I watched it because I took gymnastic classes when I was a kid :smile:

I’ve watched City hunter twice and now I’m rewatching it again because I’m introducing a friend into Kdrama universe and I decided to do it with City Hunter… I’ve also watched Personal taste twice and Coffee Prince but I skipped some parts so I don’t know if it counts I don’t watch the entire hour I just go to my favorite moments of each episode.

And now I’m rewatching Full house (Thai version) since it’s my favorite drama so… :slight_smile:

I love watching korean dramas in particular…bt few that i can watch again are master’s sun, gentlemen’s dignity,rooftop prince, coffe prince,secret garden,
nd my all time best you are beautiful nd boys over flower that i can watch all over again any time…

BOF at least 3
Playful Kiss at least 3
I re-watched BOF and PK more than once but I’m not obsessed over them as before. After some time, I would just watch favorite episodes. For the most part, I don’t re-watch like I used to even if I enjoyed the drama Very much.

Yeah, I’ll re-watch a drama with a newbie too.

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Umm well yeah I usually don’t re watch that often. Till now My princess twice and Heartstrings twice. Moon embracing the sun 3 times

Faith hehe that’s like 8 times

But actually the ones I would watch again are just faith and moon embracing the sun

Love so Devine

Is it k-drama or another language?

I’ve watched Damo and Hwang Jin Yi twice

Secret Garden, My Lovely Sam Soon, Scent of A Woman, Hotel King. Master’s Sun, You’re Surrounded, Boys Over Flowers, Coffee Prince, You’re Beautiful,Playful Kiss, and Heartstrings. I never, ever get tired of Secret Garden and Healer, They have some of my favorite scenes in dramas.

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