Which K-drama 2015 you are looking forward to watch?

I know there are bunch of kdrama coming up on 2015 but which drama you want to watch the most??

Actually I don’t know which Dramas are coming up, but I really really want to watch Hyde, Jekyll and I, because I missed Hyun Bins acting xD :heart_eyes:

There is also Bad Guys in which Park Hae Jin will be a serial killer :scream: I’m really happy to see him again, because I loved his acting in Doctor Stranger :heart_eyes:

Yeah, I don’t know what is coming out this year. I still have so many to catch up on from years ago. I have to finish Marry Him if You Dare, Birth of a Beauty, Three Musketeers(if it comes to Viki), and I may try I Hear Your Voice or City Hunter. Obviously, if Lee Dong Wook or any of my favs are cast in something new this year, I will drop and watch those but as far as I know he hasn’t been cast and Yonghwa is doing music.

I Hear Your Voice and City Hunter are both really recommended :slight_smile: Two of my favorite dramas (well of course that’s just my opinion but still… a lot of people liked these dramas ^^).

As for 2015 dramas…

  • The remaining episodes of Healer
  • Kill Me, Heal Me (only 2 eps broadcasted so far)
  • Hyde, Jekyll, Me
  • Might check out Ho-goo’s Love
  • Blood
  • Spy

Well… I’ll see :slight_smile:

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Hyde, Jekyll and I !!! Hyun biiiiiiiiinnnnn <333 xD missed him so much.
also want to see the drama that yoo sueng ho is going to come out with (if im not mistaken, i thought i heard he was coming out with something…)

I thought it was a movie…

@eurasia I have seen 2 episodes of I Hear Your Voice so far and I am impressed. Eventually, I will see City Hunter too. I saw a blurb for Spy and thought it looked interesting but it may be a while before I see it. :smile:

@b2utybubbles I am so excited that Yoo Seung Ho will be back. Like @eurasia said, I thought I read somewhere that he wanted to do more movies. I still hope he does a drama and is the lead. I am just happy he is acting again. :grinning:

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Nice ^^ It stays good (well again… my opinion XD)

I’m waiting until Spy has more episodes…

I checked, yeah, he’s going to do a movie called Joseon Magician.

@eurasia ahhh so i see… its a movie.will have to look out for it then. ^ ^well, @supernatural10_573 im excited too and i hope he does a drama this year and a really good one! im missing him :))) and what tottally love it if he was lead in a great drama, he deserves more recognition. im happy too. x)

I’m looking forward to Maids (the rest of it hopefully), Unkind Women, Ho Goo’s Love and Heard it Through The Grapevine. My mini-hobby is looking up info on dramas before they air.

I would love to watch Maids (하녀들 / Hanyeodeul) when it restarts at the end of this month. I watched episode 1 and was immediately hooked. The fire was such a tragedy I feel really bad for the actors and also the crew, but I’m so glad they are going to re edit episode 1 and start again.

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I’m really looking foward to Hyde, Jekyll, Me!! I love the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde book, read it many times… I haven’t watched the premier, but I’ll get started on it soon.

Also, I really want to watch “Family is Coming”. This drama stars an actor that I admire very much, Jin Yi Han. I think he’s not very famous (because everyone only talks about Lee Min Ho, argh ¬¬), but I really enjoy his work! I’ve been looking foward to this drama for a while now, because Yi Han started sharing stuff about it on his instagram account long before the drama was announced to public. Now that I finally saw it at the homepage of Viki I’m really anxious to start watching it! :heart_eyes:

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