Which K-Drama Lines That Are impossible to forget?


There are so many lines that always we remember :thinking: right ? You can tell your favourite :heart_eyes:iconic words here :smile:
some lines can touch our deep heart :heart: and we never forget about that.:hugs:

My unfrogettable lines are :point_down::point_down::point_down:

1.gwenchana gwenchana [waikiki 1]
2. You’re my person. You belong to me [Scarlet Heart]
3. Do you like Messi?[ [Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo]
4. Should I apologize… or should I confess to you?[ Descendants of the Sun]
5. If you’re handsome, you’re my oppa [ Kill Me Heal Me]
Reply your favourite iconic, unforgettable lines :wink:


a wAe! what did I do?! I want to do shopping only! A WAE! WAe! (Cheese in the Trap) :rofl:


Wae geurae, Maximus? :joy:


:neutral_face:“I don’t even understand what part I don’t know!” :expressionless:Dumb Kotoko trying to learn hard maths in Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (J-Drama)
Memorable because I’ve stolen that line and applied it to myself in real life a few times! :rofl::rofl:


“Su-WEG!” - Weightlifting Fairy :joy:
“It’s Friday” - Dr. Romantic…reminded me that when I get into the medical field, Fridays aren’t weekend-stay-up-late-and-party days, they’re spent treating those who weekend-stayed-up-late-and-partied :flushed:


Going to Google Play Store. - Goblin

노트치 - Mr. Queen.


“A Relationship Is Planting Roots in Someone’s Heart” :purple_heart:
"You Brought the Sunshine Back Into the Remainder of My Life":purple_heart:
I am Not a Robot I just finished it!


Çok güzel bir diziydi severek izledim


I didn’t watch this drama but I saw this scene on youtube and I’m like XDDDDDD

  • No but yes… exactly

  • DiSgUsTiNg

  • Veronica Park/Veronica Fak iyeao

  • OpPa

  • Stupid


Oh boy, “VanGAvayo, VerrRRRonica PARK iyeyo” is one of tHE most iconic lines ever :heart_eyes:
also, “AWWWWsum” :joy:


“Did you ask me to forget you? Did you hope I would forget you? I’m sorry. I tried to forget you, but I couldn’t.” - Yeo Jin Goo‘s character (the teenaged version of [Kim Soo Hyun]‘s role King Lee Hwon) from “The Moon Embracing the Sun.”


ugh disgursting shat


If it wasn’t for you, why would I come to this Beijing? - Le Coup de Fourdre