Which kdrama is this please?

Hi there lovely people. Someone will always cme through with an answer usually, so fingers crossed :slight_smile:
Details are a bit vague, but I “think” an angel (?) comes to earth and he meets a girl who lives alone but is/was a famous ballet dancer and there are a fair few scenes where she is practicing in her small dance studio at home.

I think she had suffered an injury or accident but eventually makes a come back? Hopefully, that is enough information. Thanks!!


Hi there! I think you’re referring to “Angel’s Last Mission: Love.” :slight_smile:


@moonstill YES!! I love you :slight_smile: I cannot believe I had forgotten it was Shin Hye Sun in it when I literally finished the first season of Dr Romantic last week. She’s one of my favourites after seeing her in Mr Queen. Thank you :slight_smile: