Which series is this - vaguest description ever!

I apologise for this VERY brief description. I have had problems with my memory since a motorbike accident and easily forget things so bear with me.

All I have is, a new detective moves to a new station (possibly forced there?) and she (he?) is in charge of a new team. One guy joins them who is an absolute man mountain but turns out to be a gentle giant. (I think he starts off being a bit useless but of course, comes good in the end) I’m hoping the huge guy is a good clue as there aren’t that many Korean actors who are not only tall but incredibly bulky as well.

I may not quite have those details right so this is a very long shot indeed!! Thanks for any suggestions :slight_smile:

Could the actor be Ma Dong Seok by chance?

He had a few crime dramas not one left now at Viki

Team Bulldog Off-duty investigations
38 TaskForce
Bad Guys

I don’t know about these in detail, but it fine if we can exclude them as well.

I knew I would forget an important piece of information. He was the guy who sprang to my mind at first. But the actor I am thinking of, I haven’t seen in anything since I don’t believe.

And I have watched a LOT of Kdramas since the pandemic started. That is part of the problem, it was one of the first ones I watched, so was possibly Netflix only as I didn’t know of Viki back then. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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Hopefully someone else can help you with content of N I am too unfamiliar.

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