Which Song or Music is Boost Your Confidence?

Music, in the home creates an environment conducive to the creative process – known fact – and when we are creative or successful, this increases our self-confidence in ourselves. Love songs cause us to be in a mood, and motivating music or songs can definitely boost our self- confidence .

I have so many songs that make me confidence

  • BTS Dionysus
  • Fight Song [Rachel Platten]
  • Don’t let me down [The Chainsmokers]

and etc

                 **The best inspirational songs**
  • ’Eye of the Tiger’ – Survivor.
  • 'I Will Survive’ – Gloria Gaynor.
  • Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You )’– Kelly Clarkson
  • ’I’m Still Standing’ – Elton John.
  • (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher’ – Jackie Wilson.
  • ’Started from the Bottom’ – Drake.
  • ’Survivor’ – Destiny’s Child.

:point_down::point_down: Comment the Song or Music That give you Confidence :point_down::point_down:


… sorry it got that much, but it needs a lot of music to keep me going


After so many videos you could think I had them all, I forgot one of my all-time favorites


And lots of others … :stuck_out_tongue:


Two songs that appeared at the same time when I was ill for a longer time. Fortunately no one was bothered by the fact that i heard them repeatedly and very loudly.


I love this darn song!

For some reason all the songs from TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU, gives me a happy beating heart syndrome, and confidence grows inside me.

MY FAVORITE AND NUMBER 1. Sunny & Luna - It`s Me FMV (To The Beautiful You OST)[ENG SUB + Romanization + Hangul]


Haha whut? Solkräm?? (sunscreen) That was unexpected but I liked it, it was a smooth song.


drums and bass help a lot …


I saw Pappas Eget Band live on Helsinki Day when I was living in Finland. Actually my ultimate favourite song of them is called “Ost” :cheese:, but unfortunately that one is not in YouTube anymore (well, it is, but nowadays you have to pay to listen to it :roll_eyes:).

This one is nice too, though:

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I like that song too, funny I have never heard of this band; Pappas eget band. I like the names they put on their songs; sunscreen, cheese and drink lol

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These are the titles of the songs of their debut album:

There was a time that you could find them all on YouTube …


The first one that springs to mind is Frank’s “You Got Livin’” because it’s a little like having a 747 in your living room - in a good way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - and it’s about… well the lyrics are pretty self-explanatory:

The lyrics of Gachapin’s “Never Say Never” (not to mention “Across the Now” and “Music Battler” and pretty much all of their songs,) are like an anthem to determination, and… Koga-san’s bass jamming!! :dizzy_face:

And then there’s Fuki and the boys:

[English lyrics: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/noah-noah.html-1 ]

And then there’s Fuki and the ladies from Gachapin (and… Koga-san’s bass jamming!! :crazy_face: ):

[English lyrics: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/merrily-high-go-round-merrily-high-go-round.html-0 ]

And of course the 'Labbits - “Monster Tree!”

[English lyrics: http://www.megchan.com/lyrics/index.php?title=SHAKALABBITS/Monster_Tree ]
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