Which upcoming cdramas do you want Viki to license?


I support you :smiling_imp:


I surely agree with you. When I bought my Viki pass, I understood it was to be able to watch THE SHOWS I picked with subtitles (english or french). I like historical c.dramas and my frustration is growing more and more to see those series advailable on the site but partially or not at all subtitled.


@daniellemont_17 : Y a-t-il une série dont vous attendiez particulièrement les sous-titres, mais qui n’est que partiellement traduite ?


When I bought my Viki pass it was to support Viki in buying the licenses to interesting (to me) Asian dramas.
The last was Tunnel which isn’t available in my region. The one before was Starry Night, Starry Sea. Given Ice Fantasy’s sequel not getting licensed (it’s so short and lulzy), I fear Starry Night, Starry Sea’s won’t either.
Given the other new stuff they are putting up, I guess it’ll be a long drought since it’s worth to think about getting Viki Pass again.

Till then I guess I’ll binge on Novoland, while it’s still available. (Also has a sequel announced.)

I can’t even go to the competition, because there is no other broadcaster streaming here. My current hope are the Chinese producers themselves making their shows more accessible.


My Vampire Boyfriend

Por favor, estou atrás desse drama, ele parece ser muito bom, mas não encontro traduzido em português em lugar nenhum.
Please, I’m behind this drama, it seems very good, but I can not find translated in Portuguese anywhere.


I’m new here.

I would really like to see viki license Exclusive Memory (2019) here or if anyone is subbing it let me know :sob: i want to watch it so much. I also love Unexpected (2018) but nobody is subbing it yet :sleepy:


@amal10_2: cause the drama isnt out, so nobody subs it.
for the other drama you have to request it =>


Exclusive Memory has already finished airing and i have filled out the request form. As for Unexpected series i have watched up to ep 7 but no more subs after that. :sleepy::woman_shrugging:t5:


I would really love for Viki to get The Wolf. It looks amazing and is coming out very soon. I have already made a Title Request and am hoping we get a page for it.
Thank you and I’m sure there are many more ppl that would love to watch it too!


“The Wolf” has a fan channel on Viki. It’s at The Wolf.

Everyone, if you want to watch it on Viki, please keep sending in the Title Request Form. We need Viki to secure its license. :wink: Also, don’t forget to “follow (+) the channel” to receive updates. Updates will be coming your way soon. :slight_smile:

For those who are new to Viki, here’s what you do to complete and submit the “Title Request Form”:
For Q4 and Q5, select the option that applies to you. Remember to click the “Submit” button for it to be sent to Viki.

As for what you do to “follow a channel”:
and when it changes to a ‘check’,
you’re added as a fan of the drama/cast, as well as to receive updates.
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Old Boy (TV series) Old Boy (Chinese: 老男孩 ) is a 2018 Chinese television series starring Ariel Lin and Liu Ye alongside Lei Jiayin and Hu Xianxu. It aired on Hunan TV from March 4 to April 19, 2018.


A WELL INTENDED LOVE is really good, although I only saw episode 1 and 2. I know many would really enjoy to see this drama here on viki. I will someday go back to watching.

A must to have here also; the movie THE GREAT HYPNOTIST. I was amazed how it unfolded. TOTALLY< loved it!.


Arsenal Military Academy staring Xu Kai and Bai Lu (the main leads from "the legends’). I read somewhere that this c-drama most likely coming out this summer.


Arsenal Military Academy and The Untamed


MyDrama says Dec 2020 so if it’s not a mistake it’s been a long long time until then :frowning:

They were great in The Legends. I think I would just watch it to see both again.


I read it on Chinese website- and the source was supposedly reliable.


If its out this summer - even better!

I need something when The Legends has ended and they are so cool together^^


I am hoping for Be With You (2017) and To Be With You (2019) with Eng Subs, I am also hoping for My Classmate From Far Far Away (2018)

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I found a drama called I’m a pet at Dali Temple. It’s really cute and I can currently only watch up to episode 6 subbed on YouTube. It came out last year. I did send in a licensed request for Viki but I am not sure exactly what that entails to make it happen.


darker 2&3, detective L, cold case, prodigy healing