Who edits these shows to insert the commercials?

I’m a 55 year old male film editor from the US who happens to love watching the Korean dramas but the one thing I can’t stand is where the commercial breaks are taken. Is this done automatically or does someone actually pick the spots for the commercials? I’ve never seen a worse jog of editing in my life. Breaking in the middle of a scene and or a sentence. It’s just sloppy work and it’s annoying.


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From what I know, a commercial just comes in every X minutes.

Hi Jeff, I think you could if you want ask the viki staff directly, they could take some time in answering but they will definitively will.

HI i’m fely! currently i’m enjoying watching viki.com but when i went to love keeps going it really annoyed me with lots of advertisments! wherein i’m paying for no advertisements. Can you please get rid of those advertisements??? thank you.

Hi, if you have payed for the viki pass this will only work in official channels, not in Fan channels, fan channels are not part of the viki pass so in those you and all of us will get adds since this ones comes with them, There is other case in which some official channels have adds even if you have viki pass but is because the video came with it and this adds are not added by viki, like for example in Reply 1994 you will see all korean adds but because it supposed to be that way. In case none of this options is your case, please contact the help center asking about your particular case,