Who has a good Jdrama suggestion for me?


I miss watching Jdrama and I lost the list of Jdrama I had planned to watch when I have some time so I need to make a new one.

I’m not looking for any kind of Jdrama though but Jdrama with human drama, romance and one that might make you cry. To give you an idea my all time favorite is “One litre of Tears” and the others in my top 3 are “Boku no Ita Jikan” and “Taiyou No Uta” and along my other favorites are “Koizora” and the like. So I’m looking for Jdrama like that but they seem a bit hard to find lately? Does someone have any suggestions? And no it’s not needed that someone dies… I just want a Jdrama that shows you need to be strong no matter what happens.

Anyone who has some suggestions for me?


Oh I still have “Boku no Ita Jikan” on my must watch-list, just haven’t had the courage to watch it because I’m expecting a lot of crying.
diffucult indeed :confused: though I haven’t watched so many but I can mention a few of them. My suggestions might not be very satisfying but … oh well … here they are with a general description:

  • Proposal Daisakusen ( obv from its name :stuck_out_tongue: + going back in time over and over)
  • Buzzer Beat (a basketball player with some romance)
  • Doctor’s Affairs (may not be that romantic which you’re not looking for but it’s a really good drama)
  • Q10 (a high schoolar falling in love. yet, not with an ordinary girl… just saying :smiley: )

other mentions:

  • Tonbi (about fatherly love. It was great :thumbsup: )
  • Ouran Highschool Host Club [live action series] (whether you’ve seen the anime or not this is just fun to watch)

check their synopses and trailers and I hope you found something to watch from this list :blush:


I watched TONBI as well, recommended.
NEMURERU MORI NO JUKUJO - about a woman in her 40’s who is left by her husband because he met his first love again and doesn’t want to stay married with her or take care of their almost adult son. She has to re-create her life since for 20 years or so all she did was staying home raising her kid and trying to please her husband …
KYO WA KAISHA YASUMIMASU - about a “girl” in her 30’s, or almost, thinking about marriage and what is needed to be happy with your life. Best dog, really he was my favourite pet of the drama year.
SECOND LOVE - you kind of said it can be frustrating, well female teacher falls in love with a freestyle dancer. And ends her affair with a married man, she lives with her mother, who didn’t know of the affair but thinks her precious daughter is to good for a mere dancer. Then suddenly the dancer get popular and the woman rethinks her life and makes a fresh start without the married man, without the dancer and without … No it’s not the end there is still some story left.
DATE - An extremely smart girl with a good paid job, gets to know a nerdy home stay “boy”. He doesn’t want to grow up, but somehow thinks marriage is a way for him to keep his lifestyle. And she thinks marriage is the right way to do her duty in society. I have never seen two stranger characters as OTP, well I think so …
That’s all for now


for now i can suggest few jodrama but this is not all i have

beautiful life
with love
time spiral
tragedy of w
poor women rich man
hana kimi
great teacher oknizuka old ver
high school samurai
hana yori
playful kiss- love in tokyo
switch girl s1,2
liar game s 1 ,2
love shuffle
if you want more tell me


I love oldschool jdrama! Quite sad I haven’t heard much of any newer jdrama that evokes the same (sad and sometimes twisted) feeling. I would recommend the following:

Kimura Takuya’s dramas:
Love Generation (romance)
Beautiful Life (drama)
Pride (sports and human drama)
Long Vacation (romance)

Strawberry on the Shortcake
Friends (with Won Bin!)
Majo no Jōken
Proposal Daisakusen
Nobuta wo Produce
Hotaru no Hikari


Thanks everyone, there are some Jdrama mentioned I already saw, some are not really what I’m looking for and others I will check out :smile:

And yeah I was more up to date till 2009 or something, after that I started to watch more Kdrama.


Hours of My Life is a beautiful drama with romance, drama and it is also inspiring…you will need a box of Kleenex though
The other J-dramas I watched were mainly mystery. medical or supernatural

Perfect Insider
Scientific Task Force
Dr X
Death Note Live action TV show (Love the actor who played L since he fit the character perfectly…sexy/psycho)
Future Diary