Who has seen "Sweet & Sour"?

It’s interesting that a lot of people didn’t like it. I thought it was brilliant. I thought the story was engaging and the twist at the end really caught me by surprise. I felt bad for the da eun, but the ending just showed me that they are both not that great as people and are both super selfish, which is so realistic. It also showed how one can end up in a relationship you don’t even want just so you won’t be alone. It was great.


I just want to state one single fact: The ML was never fat. When the nurse picked him up as a patient, too, he was slim. The SML was quite thick.

I don’t think the ML was ever fat in their relationship, no.
He does mention that he doesn’t want to gain weight (again?), so he might have been chubbier as a kid or adult. We just don’t know. But yes, FL has always know ML as a slim guy.

ML was her boyfriend and then she met the fat guy in the hospital - I think that was the whole premise was like fat = sweet and thin = jerk - I really didn’t like this at all and them bumping into each other was just DUMB

If you saw it that way then it would definitely sour the experience of the movie for you.
That wasn’t my takeaway though :slight_smile:

Yep - I just didn’t like it - the acting was good though - just didn’t like the story - but is it true to life yes - and I do think she kept the baby - a lot of discussions on google think the same - I would love to see what the writer says

I watched this movie. How can I not? They have two of my favorite actresses in the same movie.

The movie is really focusing on Chae Soo-bin and Jang Ki-yong’s characters. As a big Krystal fan, I am a little disappointed that she didn’t get as much screen time than these two. However, her character was so convincing and was an important part to the story flow.

I don’t watch a lot of Korean movies (only because of the limited access to the good ones). I do feel that the movies do not have the burden to provide a “happy ending” like most K-drama do.


Cette série parle surtout de solitude et comment il est facile de croire que l’on est amoureux pour tromper sa solitude …
Je suis de l’avis générale : Pas terrible :rouler des yeux:
Fait passer le temps …