Who has seen "Sweet & Sour"?

new on Netflix, starring Jang Ki Yong

(Please try to set spoilers)

I am depressed and excited at the same time


Yes and I recommend it. The end is really great.


They both did not seem happy at all.

The beginning and especially the end I consider to be black humour.


Gonna watch it NOW!

Super cute so far - 30 minutes in - I have two other friends watching at the same time as me

EDIT - UPDATE - OK this is kinda depressing - 30 more min left

I personally say DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

The premise is REAL life yes - but basically saying FAT is sweet = Sweet part and
Thin is Handsome and a complete jerk = Sour Just straight up UGH - And I think they eluded to her keeping the baby that is why she was so tired around the little fat guy in the hospital.


I was surprised when the plot twist happened.


I don’t want to convince you to look further, but you are wrong.
It starts as a comedy, then it seems to become a serious modern drama, in the end it becomes what it is: Black humour. It has to be told that way, because the resolution only comes in the last ten minutes. Spoiler ends here.


Yup. Watched it last night.

It’s worth a watch. But I would not rewatch it at all. Nothing memorable about it. Nor was there anything spectacular to entice a rewatch. I’m not even sure that I liked the twist in the end.

The trio in the love triangle is awesome, but the script leaves too much to be desired and was not able to bring out their finesse, or the theme of the plot the writer is trying to expound. In any case, if you like any of the main cast, or all of them (such as in my case), I’d say go ahead and have a watch, or have a laugh even, although this is definitely not a rom-com.
@spaufler_89 I agree. It’s trying to be dark but I’d say it fell flat for me. Still enjoyed the good parts, and the fresh pairing of CSB and JKY.

This saying describes it best for me:

And a clear case of “one foot stepping on two boats,” or so the Chinese saying
一腳踏兩船 or 脚踏两只船 goes.

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I had three friends watch it all together and we all agreed that it was not worth the time - I do like the actors - they did a great job - their acting was on point. The story just fell flat. I see that the writer was trying to be dark - or have a twist - but it just didn’t work for me. Everyone is free to watch and make their own opinion.

The story is definitely REAL REAL life not a fun fluffy drama - that isn’t real life at all.

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This movie was shit. Total shit and extreme waste of time :confused:
Like what the what the how did these actors(coz I feel all of them are good) agree to this script.

P.S. Sometimes I feel I participate in these discussions just to vent :confused:

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I don’t find this dark or black humor. It’s just a sad story. jadecloud88 is right : a clear case of “one foot stepping on two boats".
I found the construction original. But I agree it is not a drama that you watch twice.


The worst part is when he offers the second (sloppy non bathing girl) a ring, and she turns him down. First of all; giving her a ring so soon? Her rejecting him after she was sexually/ harassing him? Nothing made rational sense here from beginning to end. The biggest crp/sht and I thought I had seen worse things than that. This movie top them all.

PS. Once I saw SF her getting dirty, stinking bc she wasn’t bathing I should have stopped watching bc that part made no sense being there..


No worries. We all do that. Sometime. :sweat_smile:


Okay, so I got curious and I watched it and I was expected something really horrible, but this movie wasn’t that at all. More like a slice of life that indeed exemplifies the saying @jadecloud88 said. It was pretty okay.

I could understand the motivations of the main characters. There were clear moments I thought: “you messed up, this will come back to haunt you” or “yup, you were/did wrong.”

Some of the characters were a bit strange, I’m looking at you, overly nosy security guy, but I did figure out the twist partially before it happened. I just wish they’d done more with the story :woman_shrugging:. All in all, wasn’t a waste of time for me :upside_down_face:.

Edit: I should also probably say I watched it in a faster speed, not the normal one :laughing:.

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So the security guard kept acting like he “knew some great” truth or something? I still don’t know what that was all about -

I think she kept the baby- but that was not really ever played through - ugh - well acted but the story fell flat for me.

That’s why I was left wondering if they explained the security guy’s deal, but had to cut it out of the movie. It was just so… odd.

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Was he actually there - or in the guy’s mind? IDK

The security guard was there to push the plot. The ML did not want to cheat for a long time.
All of them acted pretty weird. The nurse picked up her men at work - presumably because she had no other time because of all the work. She didn’t keep the baby, by the way. The SFL didn’t even ask if the ML might be in a relationship. He didn’t tell her either, of course.
In the end, the FL was as annoyed by the new man as the ML was by his new woman, but again they didn’t talk about it.

All in all, the plot seemed very pointed to me, but also realistic. That does not mean that some things could not have been done better.

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It eluded with the fat guy that she was tired, and hungry, and that she was still going to the OBGYN. She was having trouble with the ML at the time - when she was meeting up with the fat guy - so it eluded to maybe her keeping the baby. Just my opinion

The security guard just kept acting like the girl at work was his “one true love” it just was not executed well. I think the story could have been good without falling flat but alas the writing or the direction or something - I thought the acting was good.

The middle part initially played before the beginning part, later parallel to it, and so on. They went to the abortion together, that was quite sad for them. Not right away, but later on.

I agree they went - but she made him wait outside - so in the flashbacks it showed her hungry and tired and still having some appointment with the dr. So I think it eluded to her keeping the baby - just my opinion. She also stopped smoking Shows are all up for interpretation

I actually just googled it and it is a popular opinion that she did not. So maybe others saw what I did.

I found an article with ending explained but it would be a spoiler if I post it. :heart_eyes: