Who Has The Cutest Smile? ( Actors & Actresses )

OMG!!! I am not as familiar with Hyun Bin (I have a few of his dramas in queue to watch) but my GAWD those dimples. #flatlines

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yes! ahhhhhhhhhh you will fall in LOVE with him as i did! and HARD! tho, he will piss you off, his roles are quite the “jerk” act. i love him xD

yoohwan (from my pics before) has dimples too! dimples werent that big a deal to me(or maybe i just wasnt as aware of them as i am now) until i started seeing them in the K-world. all i can say now is: T.T it is now a BIG weakness. especially his(hyunbin’s) and hongbin’s from VIXX. he has THE PERFECT smile ever. you should tottally look him up.he’s my profile pic. xD

i feel the same xD

WHY OH WHY!!! Did at look at everyone you just mentioned Pics. LOL

I am losing my mind over her especially over Hongbin. OMG!!! He is absolutely adorable and then has nerves to have dimples… that is just toooo much

clutches heart and dies i feel the same sista!!! OMG! i am soooooo glad you feel the same. its like, those dimples and these korean men pull your heart out and you have to clutch where your heart is to make sure its still there. lol! ahhhhhhhh im glad you like hongbin! he is just gorgeous. you should check out the VIXX topic i made and get to know them! plus, tonsss of hongbin pics ad videosss.

hongbin pic


now that i look at it… hongbin and hyunbin kinda look alike O.O hahaha

I noticed that too omgg !!!

!!! djsbnsdhfsbf!! im not the only one!!! yes girrlll! (but i personally love hongbin more xD just sayin… i love them both tho )

Same here. I am not a big fan of hyun bin actually. And i think i am the only one who doesn’t like him that much. Don’t kill me pllsss

Lol who what? A riot? Haha

Am i the only one confused ?

Why confused ?

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enter link description here

Shinee Hello Key

I HAD to add him to my wonderful screen saver of Korean men that takes my breath away.

AHHHH so glad xDD YES. hongbin is a MUST. and he sings so smoothly too. he has the perfect little smiley eyes and smile,teeth,dimples. dead hahaha he cant be any more cute then he is… nah, thats an understatement thats probably wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

speaking of hyun bin xO :X !!!: