Who is favorite Bromance couple in K~dramas (past or present)

I have a thing for Bromances:) even to the point that sometimes I could care less who the main character chooses to be with as long as the bromance stays in bromanceland forever…

To start this post off:

My favorite bromance couple is from Mary Stayed Out All Night
Jang Keun-suk(Kang Mu-gyul) & Kim Jae-wook(Byun Jung-in)
Ju Ji-hoon( Kim Jin-hyeok) &Kim Jae-wook( Min Seon-woo) (from Antique Bakery. It’s a movie but I love this bromance)

and recently, I am loving Lee Sang-yoon(Park Dong-joo / Dylan Park) & Kim Ji-seok(Kang Ji-woon) (from Angel Eyes) Yes, I am going to be devastated when they break up…lol

I just wanted to wrote about the bromance in angel eyes!!!

I soooo ship them lol they are just 2 cuties. I am sad that one is the main and the other one the second lead tho… one of them will be heartbroken and we can forget the bromance. …

I also liked the bromance in faith between the king and choi young. Ahhhhh my brave warrior I miss him :frowning:
Uh and monkey boy lol ppl who didn’t watch it probably won’t understand but he and choi young had a cute older brother younger brother relationship

And in king2hearts Lee Jae-ha & Eun Shi-kyung

And the real brother relationships like one in heirs and in moon embracing the sun. Both a love and hate relationship both half siblings but I loved the way they loved each other even if they didn’t show it very much.

Oh my. How can I forget about The King and Choi Young from Faith. I loved them too and was absolutely crazy for monkey boy…lol I so wanted someone like him

Also another shipping I had was Shin Jung Tae and Mo II Hwa from Inspiring Generations. By the time it came to the end, my OTP was for the Bromance.lol

Man! Every time someone brings up characters from Faith, I wish I’d paid better attention. I watched it before I realized what a hot topic Lee Min was. I remember how the king favored him, but I’ve completely forgotten this “monkey boy.”

I’m not a big fan of bromance but in School 2013 all the male characters are cute with their friendship !

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Yeah. That was a good storyline.

School 2013
most epic bromance ever…

In general all the woodalchis had a great bromance it was awesome…

can’t see that pic, but i just KNOW it’s awesome :smiley:

Lee jong suk and kim woo bin in school 2013