Who is Sick of this 2?

I was scrolling through some news on dramafever and i have happened to run into some voting thing… at first i saw Lee Min ho so i was " ohh i should try that out " but i see that it’s Song Joong Ki vs Lee Min Ho, But wait minute! and After Pinocchio came out, everybody has been fussing over what food kiss is better " Lee Min ho food kiss or Lee Jong Suk " … and Not too long ago they had a vote about Kim Soo Hyun Vs Lee Min Ho, than Who wore it better Lee min ho and Kim Woo Bin… Wtf!!! i mean i love Lee min ho dearly and Kim soo hyun,Kim woo bin,lee jong suk, Song Joong Ki so i wouldn’t vote… and not only that but fans are fighting over this crap “please excuse my language”… Sorry i couldn’t find the other links…


Well… I usually don’t vote on stuff like that and I do think it’s kinda stupid :smile:
I guess it should be okay as long as it’s not taken too serious, but it really is nonsense… kind of…

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I agree… but ever since My Love from another star and heirs came out, its been non-stop about them… it is stupid

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