Who is the best Channel Manager ?!

Your experiences with CM.

For me kamkar1 is the best


There are manyyy good channel managers on Viki!!
Well every person has some good and bad…

But i don’t think it will be that nice to say X is the worst channel manager no?


Kamkar1 is great !! Her channel “Can we love?” with yolswels091 seems like home to me on Viki… i always wanna go check their comments!!
I adore both of them

But also ck1Oz she is good specially in organizing her channel… oh and iJLY is the same!!
Lol their is so many i could keep on counting… xp


True Wafaahs :smiley: .Anyway, someone have great and worse experiences with the manager or with some co moderators.
I guess, some people don’t understand the meaning of team work.
Anyway you right @Wafaahs (Y)


Hahaha yeahh right!!
Or sometimes you just can’t get along with a manger or co-moderator that you would label them as bad while they are actually good…
And sometimes even the opposite… get along with people who don’t work that well on the channels and label them as good…

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Okey then if you don’t wanne let us know who’s the worst then the best… I like you @egzona even if you are a new in this world …I have hear good things from The Ministry Team(The Prime Minister Is Dating) and now at the drama Mimi.
I keep looking forward to you… Fighting Unnie


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Oh! Thank you guys, you are sweet @egzaa1993 @loveb2st <3

I worked with quite a few CM’s because I did work on so many projects and I honestly can’t answer this question. Every CM has their own ‘style’, some are more hands on while others are more laid back. Most important to me is that a manager is there when you need them and that it’s organized so the team can do their work without to much trouble.


Being new here, I can only nominate among the few i know… Having only had proper contact with two of you:

@egzona (my gracious, tolerant and forgiving of the newbie boss in the Mimi channel)
@doramaholic1 (my first boss, kind enough to take me in and teach me the ways of Viki in the Xiaoju’s Spring Channel)

All the best

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