Who is watching Yumi's Cell?

Was not expecting much at the beginning but so far after the first 6 episodes, I am enjoying this Kdrama. The cartoon is great, knowing her internal dialogue and then seeing her facial reaction. Anyone else following this drama?


I loved this Webtoon! Read it through the whole way about five times over again and again. Kim Go Eun is an amazing actress! She really stays true to the character. I just hope they do the WHOLE series and don’t end it just with Go Wong. There A WHOLE LOT MORE than just him.


I didn’t expect the cartoon characters since I don’t know the webtoon. But the longer I watched I think it’s an interesting combination, the cartoon is well done and very funny, now I’m starting to imagine how my own cells interact when I have feeling and emotions.:rofl:

It’s quite food for the thought how these cells work, it’s like watching what’s happening behind the screen. “Yumi” is cute and pretty and her facial expressions don’t need words!

I could related to some events and had to laugh really hard, the doubts, the misunderstandings, sadly happen in our society so often :disappointed_relieved:

I look forward to a happy ever after :heart_eyes::heartpulse:


I’m also watching it and think it’s very entertaining.
The cell names are now being used irl :laughing:
(f.e. "Your hunger cell is playing the flute. I can hear it :rofl:)

Some of the cell names are a bit… I don’t know :laughing:

Hysterius? :rofl:


It would be more relatable if the main character wasn’t so childish. I could understand and readily forgive this kind of dysfunctional reactions in a girl of 14, when you know nothing about the world, men are from Mars, you are a bunch of nerves and insecurities and every little thing seems like a tragedy … but an adult woman of 30 who’s had a number of boyfriends before?
And the cartoons with their cartoonish voices annoy me no end. If I weren’t on the team, I would have dropped the drama like a hot potato.

Woody Allen’s Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex introduced the concept. I still remember the guy having a romantic rendez-vous and choosing to eat pasta: the despair of the Digestion cells and the Sex cells, on how he would be able to perform after such a heavy meal. And Woody dressed as a sperm cell, worried sick about whether his fate was to be thrown towards the ceiling was so adorable!


OMG! I forgot all about that movie! It was so off kilter! Shocking in its day and hysterically funny at the same time.


So the relationship looked okay so far, but the ending in episode 9 seems to create doubt. I wonder if the two, Yumi and Wung, might be too different to get along well… he’s not strong enough to say NO to that co-worker and Yumi thinks this is a problem. Now we are getting a new player… what will it be, some commenters in TC are now shipping the new kid on the block :rofl:

  • What is your thought??
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I made the mistake and read the synopsis/content of the webtoon… I’m not going to spoil anyone.

About the FL I have the same thoughts as Simi. She is very insecure from the last relationship… that jerk who absolutely had to announce his wedding to her :roll_eyes: And the SFLs and other supporting female cast are just too much, as so often.

I think like irmar about the animation: It’s good for a two-hour film, but a little too much for a series. But I’m happy for all participating artists.


Why exes have the need to say: I’m going to get married. In particular he ended it on such a sour note, I would not meet him, not listen to him, just walk away… why saying (Yumi) some irrational stuff… because you are still hurting…

In Korean dramas there are also situations where the ex forbids you to date someone, lmao, what is that? Once ex your are more or less strangers unless you want to remain friendly and it gives no one problems. Gotta move on…

I still like the cartoon characters, because it shows the emotions that are happening backstage… one not always realizes… or thinks about - think analyzing your feelings and your reactions.


Are spoliers hidden on this thread?
Just confirming it before I start to read the posts.

Not in every post :slight_smile:

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I am starting to get “Because this is my first life” vibe. It reminds me of Kim Ga Eun’s character and Kim Min Seok’s character. iOS vs. Android. macOS vs Windows. Park Jin Young’s personality is a better match for Kim Go Eun’s character. He is supportive and understanding compared to Ahn Bo Hyun’s character. PJY’s character is more thoughtful and a much deeper person. Basically, they speak the same language. There is less misunderstanding.



Have you read the webtoon? How did you make such a deduction :open_mouth: His screen time was barely 10 minutes in total throughout the drama.

Honestly, I am up for both of them. Wung and I have a similar lifestyle, from career to personal interests to keeping conversations short but on the other hand, Babi is a guy who is considerate of his girlfriend even when they find it difficult to spend time together because of her job. :sparkles:Ideal Man :sparkles:

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When I saw the ending, I knew the rating would drop and fans would disapprove. The same thing happened to Monthly Magazine Home. Does all rom-com have to end with marriage and happily ever after? What do you think?

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I only watched 7 episodes

There’s a second season for this. I don’t know if they will make the webtoon into drama again.

Well the ending is one thing, what bothers me more is the lack of honest communication, not just like one line and that’s it… and the pride, what can you buy with pride… do you want your relationship work or not… if one can’t express how he feels honestly that will lead to misunderstanding… perhaps it was meant to be… the drama feels unfinished, it’s like there was something missing…

It IS unfinished. The webtoon is, from what I’ve read, Yumi’s journey from being very poor at communication, full of insecurities, caring more about what people will say than for her relationship with her significant other etc. to becoming a more mature person. So, to go through that, she has to pass through several relationships, The previous guy, then Wung (also a very bad communicator), then Babi, then the last guy whom she’ll marry.
They couldn’t show that in only one series, so there will be season 2 and maybe season 3.


irmar makes a good point. It is unfinished. Would it have been better to have the whole webtoon released instead of leaving everyone hanging? Not sure when the next two seasons will be released.

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There’s no guarantee that they will come back with season 2 or 3