Who is your best onscreen couple?

Would like to know who is you favorite onscreen couples :slight_smile:

OK thinking hard about this one.
( 1 ) the couple in ‘It’s ok that love’
( 2 ) the couple in ‘Secret’ and now in ‘Kill me heal me’
( 3 ) ‘Healer’ am still amazed at how good this pair were together.
finally the couple I had thought would be my number 1 until recent dramas,
‘My love from the stars’ mainly because the actress was amazing in the role and strangely also the two in ‘Witches Romance’
So how about you?

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I really loved …

  1. Jang Hyuk (as Lee Gun) and Jang Na-ra (as Kim Mi-young/Ellie Kim) in the Kdrama ‘Fated To Love You’.

  2. Ji Hyun-woo (as Kim Boong-do) and Yoo In-na (as Choi Hee-jin) in ‘Queen In-Hyun’s Man’

  3. Seo Young Hee (as Woo Joo Young) and Ji Hyun Woo (as Jang Woo Bin) in the Kdrama ‘A Thousand Kisses’

  4. Chris Wang (as Ke Wei Xiang) and Annie Chen as (Song Yi Jie) in the Tw-drama ‘Inborn Pair’

the couple in “Wild Romance”
they had the best of all time chemistry <3

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Oh I haven’t watched ‘Wild Romance’ do you recommend it?

This pic is ‘Masters Sun’ ? I loved them too.

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The drama it’s self was abit boring and kinda skipable . But tha couple was great

Yep. After ‘Masters Sun’ I went trawling through old movies and dramas that they were involved with cause I liked them so much. Found an '02 drama with that actor was amazed he was drop dead gorgeous before his military service. He’s too thin now has lost his hunky look.

Is it So Ji Sub? If so, He did an excellent movie in 2011 called Always maybe Only You depending on the translation. He is a good actor. I have not seen Master’s Sun.

I liked them too. Of course, I am a Lee Dong Wook fan but this was a different role for him and I felt Lee Si Yong did a good job. Again, a different character than what she played in other dramas. Pretty decent comedy if I recall.

I thought I said mine but it looks like I did not. I would say Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae in Hotel King. They were good in My Girl but excellent in Hotel King. Again, excellent acting from both.

Yes I saw ‘Always’ and loved it such a different role to his in ‘Masters Sun’ that is why I looked up all his previous works I liked him so much and he is versatile can play a soft man and a hard man with conviction.