Who is your favorite female actress? More than one?

I always see discussion threads praising male actors, and it’s fine with me, but as women we should also praise and give support to our great actresses in k drama industry, that play a diversity of roles and rarely get complimented like they should be.

My favorite actress in order:
Ha Ji Won - Does her own stunts/ plays very serious roles/ Is funny when she has to be/ She’s #1 FOR ME bc I have seen from her, even the dramas that I disliked the male lead in, and the dramas where I disliked the character/role she was playing but I have to see it bc she’s that good.
Hwang Jeong Eum- Although she mainly plays kind of ‘‘comical’’ roles she has proven to be able to master serious roles. The only dramas I didn’t watched of her I blame her male lead in the drama. She’s my #2 favorite actress because when I can’t tolerate the ML or her role/character, I won’t watch.
JUN JI HYUN - She’s amazing she has played the role of an assassin to perfection and she has played a role where she has been so funny, I laughed like a kid. Her romantic/kissing scenes are perfectly done. She has beauty and brains. She falls in third bc she waits too long to be on the k-drama scene.
Lee Min Jung- She was the one actress I first saw in K drama, and fell in love with korean dramas bc she played her role in [BIG] so exquisitely well. She has class, and she can also be funny and serious. She’s too perfect to be true. Wish she was more available in dramas. Getting married should not have stopped her from doing more dramas and that is why from being my #1 she went down to #4.

#5 Suzy
Suzy is one of the best young actress in K dramas and is sad that ppl don’t see her worth. I Watched her in BIG playing a spoiled brat role superb! In those singing drama (forgot titles) then I saw her in Family Gu Book? Amazing too although I hated the ending. Comes VAGABOND masterful and START UP need to say more. She’s very selective in her dramas but when she choose to be part of it she’s !00% there; professional, funny serious when she has to be and best of all makes most of her stunts unless they are too dangerous.


Great topic! I also often wonder myself why do we sing praises to men, but somehow forget women.

  1. My absolute favorite is Seo Hyun Jin. This lady is incredible at choosing her roles, which only shows who she is a s a person. Her characters are almost always very strong and, yet, wonderfully vulnerable women. Her acting is also on another level. She becomes her character and enhances every scene with her male colleagues. Her characters are wholesome. Be it irony/sarcasm, joke at her own expense, humor, clumsiness or giving someone an earful, she is so natural on screen. She is also very clever when planing her roles. Before she accepts the role, she has a detailed conversation with the director to make sure they are on the right page, allowing (on her end) the project to move forward effortlessly. She is a true star.

  2. Park Min Young - there is a reason why she is a romcom favorite. Her facial mimics are too cute to bear! She is so lovable. On top of that, she is also very smart in real life and can get you out of prison in no time :joy: #Busted


Good question. I am a female who is attracted to males, so they are always going to draw my attention the most, but I do have some favorite actresses. When I first considered it, I came up with several Chinese actresses but couldn’t think of any Korean, but after consideration I was able to think of a few:
Chae Soo Bin, Shin Se Kyung, Seo Hyun Jin and Nam Ji Hyun.

And as far as the Cdrama actresses: Zhao Lu Si, Wu Qian (aka Janice Wu), Xing Fei (aka Fair Xing), Ivy Shao (from Tdramas), and Tan Song Yun (aka Seven Tan). All of these are tiny, adorable bundles of energy, and maybe remind me a bit of myself in my younger days.


Oh, I love Seo Hyun Jin as well. I’ll add her to my list. For some strange reason I have a much harder time remembering the names of the actresses that I love. I mostly remember them by project, character, or even a specific look.


Same here. Sometimes I know their names at once. Other times the German guy (Alzheimer) takes over for a second, and I can’t remember their names even if my life depended on it :joy:


I might get flack for this, but for me the reason I rarely praise female actresses is because I’m rarely impressed by their acting, so I typically just say nothing. There are some that I know I don’t like, but there are also those that I’m not sure if it’s their acting or the way their character is written.

But in the spirit of the thread, I loved
Shin Hye Sun in Mr. Queen
Kim Ha Neul in 18 Again
Jang Na Ra in Sell Your Haunted House & Hello Monster


Oh, I was thinking of starting a thread like this!! For some reason, I find the female leads in cdramas totally outshine the male leads most of the time. Whenever I try recalling a kdrama, I remember both leads or just the male lead, but with cdramas, it’s the women who leave an impression most of the time!
My favorite actresses(kdramas):

Shin Min Ah I ADORE this actress… and her BEAUTIFUL dimples! :heart_eyes:

Chae Soo Bin - She’s such a ball of sunshine! If I had to pick a girl-crush, it’s probably her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I ADORE Her beautiful smile!

Jung In Sun!! Awww I love this woman so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Loved her in all three dramas- Psychopath Diary, Waikiki and Terrius Behind Me

Cdramas and TW dramas… My favorite is Sandra Ma… and I did enjoy Vivian Sung in Lost Romance.


For me, I guess I would say it’s usually the actresses in Cdramas and the actors in Kdramas that stand out.


I like a few Chinese and Taiwanese actress but can’t find their name bc I can’t remember the title of the drama…:anguished:

My favorite Chinese actress and I’m waiting for [Princess Agent 2]


Zanilia Zhao
Mainland China
Cai Wen Jing, Xiao Jing Zai

[Mrs. Rose] # MEGAN LAI


Lai Ya Yan


Shin Min Ah is sooo beautiful… and such a wonderful actress!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think this is the actress I admire the most from South Korea because she can play a crazy wild girl, a serious girl, any role she takes, no matter who the guy is, she shines through her many different roles/characters. Many blessings her way, to her baby, and all her family, in fact, to her whole universe. I miss seeing her in dramas so much, it’s painful. Come back soon!
Hwang Jeong Eum


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I’m crazy now about actress: KIM YOO JUNG. You must watch her in MAY QUEEN too bad she is just the young version of MAY QUEEN

Love this woman: Lee Se Hee :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: from A Gentleman and a Young Lady


I recently started watching The Good Detective and discovered this lovely actress. I think she might become one of my favorites.

Lee Elijah


I’ll begin with my favorites:

I first watched her in a short promo video on Facebook by AsianCrush. It was fron Angel’s Last Mission, where she was fighting with those bad guys as a blind lady. Soon came across her in LOTBS but I almost forgot about her by that time. After Goblin, I was addicted with fantasies and chose ALML, to my surprise, she was the same blind lady who I watched a year ago. That show got me into her. Unlike a few actresses, she hardly picks up the same role again. Her every drama is a master piece in itself and she is always so absorbed in her character, be it a lawyer, a ballerina, a 17 years old girl, a man in a woman’s body, she is just awesome. Only if Knetz weren’t harsh on her.

She comes back with a different vibe every time. Currently watching her in The Thieves and eagerly waiting for Jirisan.

I was new to K-Dramas when I was watching Goblin, and every time I saw her, I just had this one thought, “how gorgeous she is!!” School 2015 and Love Alarm (I liked the other guy) were a flop for me. Maybe, The Queen of SL Syndrome?

I only watched her in Diva but her acting deserves appreciation.

From a sweet lady in Penthouse 1 to the boss in Penthouse 3.