Who is your favorite kpop GIRL group? top 2/3?

u can post videos of kpop girl group songs and stuff… but who is your fave KPOP GIRL GROUP?? also who is your fave solo girl artist?

My number 1 top favorite, i wanna say F(x) they are amazing!! but i like miss A. its probably fx though haha my top 3:

  1. Miss A
  2. F(X)!!!

solo artist i love AILEE!

I can’t see F (x) anymore … I have this in math right now at school haha

Solo artist ALI
Listen to carry on or in my dream

why?? gema? : (

and okay i will listen x)

what does this mean?

hmm how to explain

This ? hahhaha
Ahhh sorry girl … It’s bcs I am to stupid to express myself

listening to carry on it sounds sad T.T but its nice

aww mann in my dream i love it T.T beautifullll wow

Carry on is from Faith T_T


i never watched it xD dont kill me T.T

hahahahah Whuat ??
I am serious !! You know that I spend this school year just with this???

haha rlly? my mom saw it cuz she loves lee min ho she loved it haha

A PINKKKK. I LOVE THEM. Especially Eunji (thanks to Reply 1997)!

Also, CRAYON POP! At first I thought they were too cute but I gave in to them and now they’re one of my favourite kpop groups <3

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My favorite K-pop Girl Group is SNSD.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxoCcHD2b4o this is my favorite song “Complete”.

Top 2: Tara

Top 3: 4 minutes

And my fave solo artist is Stephanie Hwang, she is a member of SNSD already, but I love every cover she sings.

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OMG CAN I CRY? ive never heard that song, and it teared me up! it was beautiful!!! loved it thanks for giving me that TT.TT

who is your snsd bias? or is it stephanie?

eunji!!! great choice i love her too she is my a-pink bias

SooLover (Sooyoung) ^^ Stephanie is just my favorite female voice.

2ne1 yaooooo