Who loves anything related to art,music,and stuff like acting

here u can talk about actors singers painting artist and stuff

okay thats cool x) u like paintings? is that what you meant?

here is a cool dance choreography you should see from this korean group that dance called prepix. B2st’s yoseob sings the song ^ ^

thought u might find it interesting since art is also dance xD


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i really love this vid.

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they are amazing but i am going to be off for a month becuase of my family members think i shouldn’t be using it so bye last day i am only maybe if i want to get on viki on wednesday so good bye:(

aww okay then sweetie, u take care and im glad u like the video! x) ill try to be here sometimes at these times on Wednesday so we all can chat more about vixx and stuff xD

I love this dance too!:slight_smile:

I can;t get the foot thing but i have been practicing

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have you seen these?


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they both are really good songs

love this song!:slight_smile:

yeah i have love this song so much!:slight_smile:

Why is it that only some americans dance in there music videos some are katy perry,justin bieber,one direction ,jason derulo

yes, there are allot of talented boy groups out there!! this is pretty cool.


i like their puppies!!

infintite has puppies too


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cute so cute!:slight_smile: and cool!:slight_smile:

really? i havent seen them in any kpop videos O.o

i mean’t english singers i listen to kpop jpop tpop and american songs so yeah!:slight_smile:

Love this image!:slight_smile:

ohh yea, they hardly do any dances, thats why they have a hard time gaining popularity. and those who are popular, they either lip-sync or use allot of auto-tune to fix your voice most of the time. :confused: thats why the aisian groups are really special because they train so hard to do it right.

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ahh i love those groups too! i have to look more into some of them, like shinwa.

i gotta go outside now, but i will message you some things you can watch so you wont be bored, okay? enjoy the rest of the day and maybe ill see you and everyone later on if i am on. xD