Who LOVES HELLO BABY?! (particularly SHINEE's and MBLAQ's season)

OH GOD. just finished the whole season of MBLAQ’s hello baby. T.T in tears i was crying hard and felt so hurt lol the dads where the greatest dads. i have yet to finish SHINEE’s season, as im afraid of the hurt THAT will bring. how come goodbye’s are so depressing, uh? haha really loved these seasons tho.this is truly one of the best korean reality shows i have ever seen. i will say its the best for me, along with running man xD i plan to watch the other hello baby seasons soon.

im up to the last episode of the shinee season, and my stomach hurts thinking about it… lol ill watch it later…

all the babies have their own youtube with updates on their own chanels! these are the MBLAQ babies channels

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuWeZALgPNIh8Yjl29Lbj2g (i personally saw one of leo’s videos after hello baby 2years later, still watching his dads and crying. T.T so sad to see. all the babies still watch their dads)



clearly, HELLO BABY is the funniest,crazy and heartwarming korean reality show about your favorite kpop groups raising a baby/babies and learning to be father/mothers for a couple of months, while being away from their real parents.

i will post the first episodes for hello baby shinee and mblaq. u will not regret seeing them
if you havent before.



so, who else loves hello baby and these seasons?

update: just watched and finished hello baby SHINEE edition. T.T loved it and cried too

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