Who watches clips of "behind the scenes" and poster shooting?


For nearly every K drama which is currently airing, there are often clips showing the actors posing for publicity posters and throughout the series, clips are uploaded showing the filming and “behind the scenes”. For these clips, the majority of the time multiple people are speaking in several concurrent discussions and there are often inside jokes so it is difficult to segment and to sub these clips. As I was trying my best to cut coherent segments for a behind the scenes clip, I wondered, who watches these clips, and, if you do watch them, why do you watch them?


I watch for these reasons:

  • When I find it adds more details to the story
  • To see the actors, and actresses heart for their character, especially if I got attached to their character
  • If I really liked the drama, it’s to stay in that drama’s bubble, just a bit longer
  • If the stars are favorites


I do watch them sometimes and that too really really rarely. I also don’t have a specific reason to watch them, maybe I just want to see how they shot this scene with so much perfectionism or did they laugh while shooting this scene or how the actors managed to not change their emotions during selected scenes.

I don’t even watch all of them, maybe just of some selected episodes. I don’t even mind if there are no subtitles since most of the time it’s shouting or laughing sounds or some obvious dialogues from episodes or ‘Cut’, ‘Okay’, ‘Action’, etc.


I watched all the clips for ‘I’ll go to you when the weather is nice’ so I could translate it in Dutch.

Other than that, I don’t really have reasons to watch those clips.
If I want to know more or get an impression I can just watch a trailer or a bts-video. Most of the time I can find those on MDL or YT. I don’t see the need for 5 or 6 different teasers.

Btw, what is the purpose of a ‘highlights’ video?


I agree with all of @leerla73’s points! If I really like a drama, I just want to stay there, get to know what the actors are like, how they shot certain scenes I loved, etc.


While I definitely appreciate your hard work, I tend to avoid them. I feel as though they break immersion. But that’s just me.


I agree, some behind the scenes are so off the story


This is the main reason I try to avoid BTS videos, but I admit that sometimes I have a hard time staying away from some of them with my favorites actors or actresses. There’s no rhyme or reason as to when or why I watch them, when I do.


I watch them because they are interesting. I like to see how the actors prepare their work in the background. I also segment so I know how difficult they are to cut. Even if many don’t care if they are subbed there are many others who DO appreciate our work so I think it is worth the effort.


I usually ignore them. They either make jokes that are too hard to catch, or summarize the drama you’ve just watched, or they will have actors greeting the audience promoting the drama. I don’t care much for them, honestly.



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If it’s a show I really like, I like to watch the behind the scenes.

I mainly focus on the dialogue of the leads since those are the ppl/characters I’ll be interested in most.